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Consultation Fees for Derms?

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Hi all,

I just scheduled an appointment with a dermatolgist in San Francisco... her receptionist said that the consultation fee was 150. Is 150 a bit too much for consultation? I thought they were usually around 70 or cheaper?

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

that's expensive. TOO expensive IMO.

My doc I think may have charges 40-60 and will be calculated against your treatment (if you had a smoothbeam for 200..you'll just have to pay 200 minus the fee).

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Also, does anyone know any good derms in the bay area or san francisco area?

there's supposodly a dude in san jose who does exoderm, dr rulian or something like that;; it really depends upon your type of scarring, my derm is shit though, he doesn't seem to understand how i feel about my scars even though he himself has major scarring (you could like use his holes as pencil holders), but i guess everyone feels different about thier scars

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ohwhoar: 150 sounds expensive to me, but I have heard that things in San Francisco are more expensive in general.... 150 could be worth it depending upon what you are able to find out during the consultation. Basically, it's a decision you are going to have to make yourself. If this person is extremely experienced, perhaps it's worth it.

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I got a consultation from a derm near Los Angeles who specializes in cosmetic treatments, especially Artecoll injections. He didn't charge me anything. Although he did sell me on a $1800 N-Lite treatment, so I guess he made out ok.

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