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very worried after accutane

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I just really need to write this and get it out of me, because i cant really talk about it to anyone...well ive been off tane for almost a year and a half and i've unfortuantely developed rosacea (steroid induced rosacea, medical term) from the drug, which ive come to live with...as well as slow wound healing still....anyway, last week I stumbled upon the Accutane Action Forum group (big mistake) and started to read all of the long term side effects that people have developed which made me very worried and i havnt been able to sleep because of it....ive started to become obsessed with all the possible side effects that i could have, like if my hair is falling out and making sure everyday that its still there...the other day my knee was bothering me, and it still is today a bit, and now im thinking that im going to be plagued with really bad joint problems and arthritis...im a bit obsesive compulsive, but will my thick hair fall out in the next few years and will my joints become a mess all because of accutane? just need some guidance


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If you haven't had hair loss during the year and a half after isotretinoin, it's not going to start now. If your joints weren't aching terribly during the course and the pain just continued until now, it's unlikely that Accutane seriously damaged your joints.

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thanks beentheredonethat...its nice to hear some positive feedback, instead of YOU'VE RUINED YOUR LIFE from all of the people over at the accutane action forum

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