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My Strange Face and Acne Problem

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Dear Fellow Acne Sufferers,

I have been on this messageboard for at least 1.5 years now. I have had terrible acne since I have been up here in college last year. Last year.. it was very bad, centered around my face and jawline and neck with some nasty cysts. My entire freshman year of college was effected by it. I was always staying indoors away from people and bright lights (I was totally ashamed). Summer hit and my world turned upside down. I eventually stopped the regimen and I looked great the whole season. But now I am back in school and things are starting to echo back to me. My first few weeks here were good. I only had like 3 or 4 on any given week. I was doing good and all i was washing with was Dove Soap and applying aloe at night. It was working. I eventually went home for a few days and things took a turn for the worst. My acne came back and I noticed hundreds of those tiny skin-colored bumps around my mouth and chin. I was desperate to start something new again (I knew the Bp wasnt going to work because it only made things worst last year). So I started to wash my face with Phisoderm Acne Wash (2% SA). It has been about 2 months since My breakout and I can still see a good amount of those little bumps around my face.. some bumps turn into small whiteheads.. while some go away. My acne isnt that terrible now and my face is never oily (which is weird). I would say I have mild acne. I am still pondering if using just soap again will still work. I dont know.. I dont know if I should risk it.. Acne is so damn complicated ](*,) ... Anyway, Sorry about the long post.. I just wanted to thoroughly introduce myself to everyone.. I havent really done that yet. My names Taylor, im turning 20 on the 18th. And I am hoping for my skin to clear up before my birthday.. So any comments or questions are welcome. Thank You.

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I used 2.5% and followed the regimen to the "T".. it worked for maybe a month and than my acne maintaned its mild state.. not once did I have a day without active acne last year... it was terrible.. now I have days where acne isnt present.. even a few days.. but it still comes back to haunt me..

My big problem now is just these little tiny bumps (some people are saying its comedones).. They stay on my face for long periods of time and than finally turn into a small whitehead.. and they come one after another.. I cant just have them all pop up at once so I can heal sad.gif .. But yeah.. I heard glycolic peels would be good to rid them.. but I hear i need to see a derm for that stuff?

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They don't know everything, but they can be a big help, because they can prescribe medicine that may help your acne more than OTC stuff. A derm will probably start you off with something topical, plus an antibiotic, and then assess where your skin is after some treatment. If they find no success after a while, they may or may not recommend Accutane, which has its pros and cons, but for the most part, I think it has helped more people than it has hurt. Don't be too swayed by anti-Accutane propaganda!

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Naw..derms don't know what they're doing..after all, they've only had 11 years of education. Derms can be incredibly helpful when you need medication for your acne. Also, they identify the severity and best course of action. They aren't infallible, but they can give you some insight into your problem.


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Hi Talyor,

I am also suffering with the whiteheads, and it seems they will take forever to fade away. sad.gif

Anyway I saw you wrote you use Soap to wash your face, but I heard that using Soap to wash your face can cause more whiteheads. So believe it or not, maybe you should use a cleanser and not Soap.

By the way, I am still finding some methods to make my whiteheads dissolve or go away. Does anyone have a great method that can share to us?

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I am currently using Cetaphil Bar Soap (its made for acne).. and than immediatley wash with Cetphil Acne Foam Wash.. the stuff worked for a while but now I am breaking out again.. I am only going to use it at night now.. i think twice a day is too irritating. The thing that pisses me off is that the only times I was really clear was when I only used Dove Soap and aloe lotion.. I think I might jump back on that and see how it goes.

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