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well, i'd say november 25th 2006 i started breaking out severely. i wasnt too worried about it because i had started getting acne for the first time in my life around the same time in 2005. i still had a very active social life until winter break started ( dec 16 ) then i fell off the face of the earth, and remain there. it was all over my cheeks, a few on my forehead (never had there) around my temples (never had there either) and a bit by my chin, mostly on the sides. i saw my family doctor and he prescribed me benzaclin in the morning, and retin-a at night along with 50 mg of generic minocycline (dec 29 2006). that was my prescription last year to overcome my acne, and it worked perfectly, but it wasnt this bad then. i knew it wouldnt work so my mom got an appointment with the best dermatologist in my area. she prescribed me clindagel in the morning with a solodyn (extended release) after breakfast, at night i wash my face with cetaphil. after dinner i take 50 mg of zinc supplement, then before bed apply tazorac and rub it in, then wait 5-15 minutes and then apply azelex. on thursdays i always do blue-u.i started this i'd say on january 25th, it worked wonderfully. i have maybe 1 small pimple on my entire face, but the red marks. theyre no where near as bad as having all of the cysts, and inflamed red face, but its still taking away from my social life. i used to have so much energy, most of the girls in my "clique" were interested in me. but for the last 2 months ive been battling depression thats been a factor with my acne. also, before my acne breakout i had a fallout with god and became very angry at god for many of the things happening in the world today and once known as a christan follower, was a self-proclaimed atheist. since then i've reconciled and i believe it's just been a punishment for my transgression. i became so accustomed to clear skin that i took it for granted. im hoping i get another chance.

bottom line: is my regimen going to clear the red marks or no?

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Good post as i am a christian follower as well. I believe you should try chemical peels for your redmarks. However, you cannot use retin a, tretinoin, or anything that makes your skin sensitive when using them. let me know if you need more advice or check out my interesting website onacne.


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