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Doing too damn much?!

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I'm currently doing this as my regimen:

Vinegar/cottonball on face

C&C blackhead scrub 2% SA

C&C continuous control 2% SA

wait 15 min

Clerasil 10% BP

Also taking vitamin c pills and drinking 8 glasses of water with half a teaspoon of lemon. I see a slight positive change on my marks but leaves my face red as hell. I'm also considering the tape method. I use aloe vera as moisturizer but it smudges the BP creating noticable white swirls.

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Wow..if I did that to my face it would fall off. That is alot of stuff. What is the purpose of the vinegar? I think you should drop that as well as the scrub. Personally, I don't think acne prone skin should ever scrub. It will just make us produce more oil..and you sure can't scrub the acne away.


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I think you should cut at least one of those steps out or restrict it to once or twice a week.

In terms of no. of products used it seems to be about the average of what most of us are using..BUT

vinegar (is this diluted?)+ SA scrub + SA topical seems like overkill. These are all exfoliating and then to apply 10% bp on top of it must burn like hell. SA doesn't have to be applied everyday, twice a day. I've heard of people using it just once a week and had good results. Just find a level that suits you (if the irritation continues then I'd discontinue usage). As for using vinegar with SA - that just seems to be begging for trouble.

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