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Does going out to the gym prevent acne?

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I say no way. i used to run alot and my acne wasnt any better at all, in fact it may have been worse. I have ben working out with weights for about 2 months now and ive had some of the worst breakouts in a long time. I think i am gonna stop workin gout for about 2 weeks or so and see if it gets any better.


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In my opinion and from all I've read, exercise does not help acne. Obviously it is good for a million other reasons though. My chest and back break out a bit more when I run often probably because of persperation. However, when I make sure those areas are smothered with benzoyl peroxide they don't breakout at all. (Wear white shirts though or old clothes because the benzoyl peroxide bleaches everything!) If you use the benzoyl peroxide, go easy on it at first because it will make you itch and dry until your skin gets used to it.

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it does. 30mins+ a week, drink lots a water too. make sure you wash your face after.

Edit: don't overdo it, like go running for 2hours with gunk all over your face. And no, it won't help redmarks??? Try retin-A micro or go to scar forum

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