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It seems that proactiv is a very good way to clear yourself up.

but I had one problem I kinda skiped the lotion because I thought it made my skin feel weird but the thing is that the stuff befor that just cleaned the skin and the lotion had Benzoyl peroxide in it to clean deep where the infection starts

since I have fixed this my acne has cleared up in 4 weeks.

of course because of my skin being so oily I added another medicine called bye bye blemish drying lotion and these two worked together great.

I would use proactiv in the morning before school and then again a dinner time around 5 or 6 and put the drying lotion on before bed and all through the night.

this works great for me because I am very oily but it may be to dry for most people. (bad thing about bye bye blemish is that it is pain full to put all over your face and it makes my eyes water every time I use it)

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good to hear it's working for you. someone mentioned (i can't remember which person it was) that they use the lotion even though they don't use the rest of the proactiv kit. it seems that you're right, proactiv seems to work for a good amount of people, but by far, i see the exact same complaint about it, over and over and over..

the complaint is:

it worked great for a while, then just stopped working.

i've never used the stuff so i can't judge it .. (but i have watched the infomercial in excess of 30 times).. there is something about it that draws me in and makes me watch the whole thing.

in fact, it's that way with every infomercial for me! haha.. like, it can be something completely offbeat that i have no interest or concern with, and when i realize i'm actually watching it, like 30 minutes have passed.. and of course i watch it until the end, i can't change the channel.

they must have like subliminal messages or something.. "yooou will not chaaange the chaannnnel.. yooou will waaatch it aaaaall.." smile.gif

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Guilty as charged. Only, for me, I have to fight actually BUYING the stuff. Even when I didn't have a problem with acne, I was like, I NEED proactiv. I tried it though...made me all red. I'm considering trying your regimen actually. Yeah, I go to UofA...where in GA?

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Botchla-- it was me who said I only use the Proactiv bp, not the whole system.

I used Proactiv for about three years, and then it ceased to work as well anymore. I had several bp lotions leftover with decent exp dates (Proactiv ships them like crazy), so I just started using them as part of the regimen. They are awesome. Proactiv makes the perfect bp-- you can easily put on a significant amount evenly, and the consistency is smooth, like moisterizer. In fact, it does have some good, water-binding ingrediants, like allantoin, pathenol and cyclomethicone. The retail price for one 2 oz bottle is something like over $20, which is absurd, so I just look on eBay.

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well proactiv doesn't work for me by it self nor does my drying medicine but both of them together works wonders.

hope this helps anyone and I hope it last longer for me than what it did for you.

The cool thing is with this stuff your face seems dry but you can feel the oil with your hands so it is like the surface isn't really dry

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