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The official, baby brush method thread, for exfoliating

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this thing works perfectly if you have mild acne and occasional red bumps. its been about a month since i started and i'm nearly 100% clear now from 60% clear.

i think its very very important that you use a very mild cleanser. i use neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser.

<IMG SRC="http://pics.drugstore.com/prodimg/20883/200.jpg>

and moisturize well after you do it. i use neutrogena oil free moisture for sensitive skin.

<IMG SRC="http://www.cozycot.com/files/neutrogena_oilfree_moisture_for_sensitive_skin.jpg>

this really helps the skin calm down and be happy after you brush. the baby brush does feel somewhat rough, as people are noting. but just be gentle. if you still get bad irritation, then your face is just not ready for it. you need to give up the harsher type cleansers, like those including bp or salicylic acid or watever and allow your skin to build some strength.


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Just letting you people know...."The body shop" has an excellent exfoliating facial brush...its like 3 bucks....ive been using it for a month and I can't begin to tell u the resuts. I get compliments all the time and that has never happened to me in my life. And I rarely break out but when I do...it's different kinda of acne. They aren't the big cystic ones....just very tiny. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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I just started using the baby brush method, the baby brush itself was quite cheap ($1.50 at walmart). After using the baby brush my skin does feel incredibly smooth, if i had no red marks it would be completely clear, bummer haha.

Anyway, my red marks seemed to get alot brighter red after using the baby brush, I made sure to be gentle and rub in slow circular motions. Perhaps I'm posting too soon since it's only been about an hour after I took my shower.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or it's just what happens when you use the method.

Thanks for any help!

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seems like you're doing it right. give it a bit more time, the face always looks redder after a shower in my experience. its the water.

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I've tried this a few times and don't really know if it is working for me or not.

I mainly have comedonal acne and it seems when I use the baby brush all those bumps come to a head. Now this could be good or bad. Good in that they need to come to a head so they can then be gone or bad because I could just be irratating my skin. Did anyone else break out when they started using it and then their skin started to clear?


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Do you have to use the baby brush with anything else? Like baking soda or exfoliating cream? How do I use baking soda if that's the way to go?


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Hey this thread is great, i have started using this method but i have some questions

1. Is it alright to use this method once every morning, and at night just use bp and alpha hydroxy acid. Or will this be too much for my face to handle.

2. With using the aloe vera mixed in with the moisturizer what ratio is best? IE 3 parts aloe 1 part moisturizer?

3. Is it ok to mix Alpha hydroxy acid with the aloe vera like how you mix it with moisturizer?

And my last question is you posted up a link to Omega 3 pills


It is currently under construction but i really want to know how you got your oil production under control because mine is really bad and is a real pain


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It may not make a difference, but would it be best to use this morning or night?

Or am I reading way too much into this....

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I recently started doing this method for a week and so far it has taken care of 99% of my flakiness problems and all the dead skin on my face. It works a lot better than AHA too as I find that AHA doesn't really exfoliate my skin as well. I'm doing this once a day in the shower, but I feel like that may be harsh but I havent had any additional pimples ever since I tried this method except for razor bumps.....but I hope its not just a coincidence. I'm going to try to tone it down to every other day and see if I get the same results.

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