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Derm Question

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Im gonna ask my doctor if I can see a derm. Im still deciding about accutane. Is there anything a derm could giv me that may work. Is it worth seing one even if I dont want accutane.

Ive tried Oxytetycine



Is Minocin (sp) any good. Someone said I might do well with it.

How long are waiting lists to see a derm on nhs in UK?


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If you are a coloured person, I dont recommend you taking Minocin. It can cause pigmentation. I never ever have any pigmentation after the pimple is gone, but I've got a whole bunch of red marks after Minocin. Having said that, Minocin did clear my acne up, though it returned after I stop.

My GP didn't want me to see the derm, she said my acne wasnt serious enough, and she is the one that prescribed Minocin to me. I insisted, and she told me I gotta go privately. I said fine. And the derm got me off minocin immediately. Thank God! I guess, your GP will try to treat your acne first, until he/she cant deal with you, then he/she's refer you to a derm.

If you feel that your GP is not good enough, or not concerned enough, go to a derm, even privately, at least once, just to make sure you are on the right track.

Finally, good luck.

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Minocin works while ur on it,but as soon as u come off it you break out worse than ever.

I was on it for 6 months n was cleared within a week or 2 and when I came off it ,after a week I was worse than ever.

I've been off it a few weeks now and its slowly starting to rebalance,but not a great deal.

Thats the only bad thing about taking minocin,it will come back with force.

The only solution to beating acne is for the hormones to rebalance.

You can be on drugs all ur life and wont beat the problem.Until the hormones balance out ur gonna keep breaking out.

I've had it 15 years and no luck.I've been on everything and its a waste.

Time is the only saviour,but for some,the time never comes.

Thats the reality of it.

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My doctor is okay as ive only ever seen him about my acne and went through 10 years of my life without seeing him. A few years ago he said I could see a derm if I wanted but at the time I didnt want to as I thought other methods would be worthwhile. I might try the Minocin to see if it works for me. What side affects are there to this while your on it?

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