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folliculitis and accutane!

Becoz of a prolonged use of anti biotics my acne has more or less cleared but ive developed a GRAM-NEGATIVE FOLLICULITIS on my chin =P~ ..its the most painful cysts ive ever had and ive to take a 12 day course of anti biotics to get over it..

Im sick of it and sick of life...Im a 22 years old female and i wanna go accutane now...

Women on it plz msg me here.....

I plan to have babies in two years...can it effect my fertility?Im fully aware of its effect on foetus and gettin pregnant..but can it effect fertility...

Plus plz someone encourage me to take it..whats this suicide thingie with it ?

ANy help appreciated...

Im devastated..sad.gifsad.gif

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and oh i also wanna know abt the hair losss associated wid it ..i already have thin hair and dandruff shit in there...ive very light hair..do ppl go bald??

and than begins another sad story and a war zone begins..the quest for lost hair...

[-( like no way...

so u see





some1 help?

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hello, that cyst thing sounds bad! hope it works out okay.

I'm currently on accutane. For the hairloss question, I was really worried about this (i'm male but I have floppy looking hair which i like) and so far, just over a month, everything is okay.. no hairloss. I don't think it's that common.

good luck with the accutane?

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I'm in my third month of accutane. Don't have any hairloss - or none that i've noticed. Some people's behavour becomes affected - like mine. But I'd still recommend Accutane. However, you have a catch. You plan to have babies in two years...

If you take Accutane for 4-6 months, then you have a year and a half to recover. Hopefully you'll recover completely but is it worth it? I think they say that you can get pregnant after a month of being off your course. I'd seriously consider it if I were you. Good luck!

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i also took antibiotics for 4 years, and started developing HUGE PAINFUL cysts on my chin. dont know if there was a name for it, but they are the worst thing in the world. once you are off the antibiotics for a few months, you will probably not get these anymore. why dont you wait a few months and see how your skin reacts? mine got a little better but i decided to take accutane anyways just cause i was sick of dealing with it

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