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during the winter time, i break out like a mo fo. i maintain a few cysts on my chin and jaw line pretty much all winter. well, during the summer, i use 2.5 SA facial wash and a tiny bit of BP (the stuff dan recomends) followed by a generous portion of %100 pure aloe vera gel (aloe only comes after 10 minutes to let BP absorb). --only using BP at night time. that works great. when winter starts, however, my face will get all scaly, without even using bp or anything, and i will start to break out more severly.

i just got back from walmart, with a different kind of face wash (i think clean and clear sensitive skin..its clear gel foaming stuff) and moisturizer (cetephil knock off) . i'm not sure, because the face was i just got has no acne fighting active ingredient, it just says it gently removes dirt and oil. the moisturizer i'm not too sure about..its walmart brand, but its in the same shape bottle, just a little bigger (as the cetaphil) the ingredients were the same as the cetephil, the only thing is, the cetephil bottle said non-comengenic, and the house brand didnt. i'm worried about the switch..any comments?

ps..please respond i'm getting obsessive


theres a link to the face stuff i bought i'll try to find a moisturizer one

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I have the same problem in winter.. and summer I look beautiful.. Its the cold climate that makes your skin more dry which produces more oil.. sometimes you wont see the oil on your face.. but rather.. oil buildsup in the dermis (inside your skin). I would recommend moisturizing twice a day with a good moisturizer.. aloe doesnt cut it during winter.

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yep i agree.. when your skin gets to that state where it's scaly or you can see flakes of skin coming off, your skin is in a bad state. that is, if your skin is too dry (regardless of products you are using) it will screw you up just as bad. gotta keep it hydrated! your skin has to be "in the zone" for you to be clear. that is, not too oily, but not too dry either. it's hard to keep that balance sometimes.

winter sucks! your skin goes to hell.. dry, chapped.. especially if you live in the places where you walk around and it's this dry, freezing, blistering air whipping onto your face.

my skin is starting to get dry cause of this (been out in the cold) and i hate it! i did not have one dryness problem all summer. as a result, i even got a pimple the other day!! don't let my faithful followers of the botchla regimen know, though. of course it wasn't the end of the world, it went away.

WHERE IS MY SHEA BUTTER?!? it should be here by friday. or at least it better be, the rotten bastards. i have faith that it will fix me right up.

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