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The REAL acne cure

For those who know me (whats the point in hiding the truth?, if something works the people should know, and I am here to let them)

Hello there, my name is AJ.

As you’re aware by the topic I am going to write something on an Acne cure. Most of you must be thinking, 'Oh, another useless acne cure', 'Another scam' or whatever, and I don't blame you because of the crap that goes around on Acne.

But the difference is this works! It’s worked for me and others! It is the Acne cure and you can see results yourself. I won't say you should feel lucky you read this (because you simply don't know until you go through with it) but this really does work. It works because its has worked for me and it can for you.

I know there many people on this forum and generally who doubt and rubbish any person claiming to know how to beat Acne.....especially if that person isn’t educated in some health field or a doctor. Let me just tell you doctor's really are crazy when it comes to Acne. Yes they may save lives but in regards to Acne they will make your condition worse and will prescribe drugs for whatever. You don't need their help on Acne.....you have that here.

Acne doesn't just happen, there are many myths and lies about it, but you simply believe there is hope. Yes I will make clear there is a financial commitment. As much to give back for all the info, help and advice I will give you as to make sure you stay focussed.

Anyway much of what I said above was for the doubters, the people who will reply to this message and say I am trying to make a quick buck. If only I gave out email addresses of people I helped. Oh man they were just like you, doubted and poured scorn on things I said......but man did they realise how effective and how well the program worked. That’s why you should always suspend judgement until you have tried or experienced something. I don't want to argue and get into a slanging match with anyone. That’s not why I am here, I am here to help people, and if you’re reading this and have that desire to try this then like me you will eventually see how good it was.

Anyway about the cure. What is it? Well it’s a combination of things:

-Eliminating certain foods from your diet

-Adding certain foods to help keep your body healthy

-Adding supplements which you necessary nutrients in regard to Acne

-Some herbs which will help out a bunch

-Internal methods which address your inside, remember Acne starts from within, if it didn't then everyone would have it!

I better wrap this up now, all I say is give it a try and you will see results in days. It can be done but all you have to do is take that first step, just give it a try.

You can contact me on yahoo messenger at: Ac_game

Or email me on: [email protected]


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screw that, anyone can find out the information you are charging people for WITHOUT sending you money :/

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