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So you wanna get clear?Here is the way.

Disclaimer:I cannot scientifically prove anything i say in this thread and i will not explain anything,Im just 90% confident this is the only sure way to RESULTS..IN 1 WEEK.

To start with my story...I had moderate-severe acne for 4 years,the special about is that it was EVERYWHERE.From my thighs,lowerback,stomach area,back,shoulders,arms,chest.Its been 3 months ive been experimenting to see what was causing my acne.I started with doing anything i wouldnt normally do,i turned my like upside down to be accurate..i had results..VERY GOOD RESULTS.But i couldnt take that for long so i started adding "features" back into my life like drinking,playing pc games,going out..trying to isolate the reason for acne.

My findings:


The two phases of acne.

Flare up) Right after you masturbate and for 72-96 hours you will have excessive oil production = zits.Even if you manage to control the oiliness your past red marks and zits will not heal.

Healing)After the 72-96 hours period your body starts to heal..in 3-5 days most of your marks should be gone and no new zits.(until you masturbate again which triggers the flare up)

Also a very important factor:Do not talk or laugh alot..basically dont disturb your emotions and/or brain activity.More pc/tv + more oil.Try for one day to stay completely calm and your oil will reduce 50% minimun

Do not pick at your face,use needle and pierce the zit from the bottom up (the needle parallel to your face not vertical on it).Pinch it and squeeze out the pus and a good amount of blood with the help of some papercloth.I f you want to make sure that that zit wont come back (refilling may occur in healing phase - definite in flare up phase)sterilize with a hot blade (yes you heard right).Place a knife that you dont need anymore over fire until the tip gets red slightly touch on the wound

SLEEP.I cannot stretch this enough..if you're in the healing phase sleep 10+ hours a night,12 would be ideal.Sleeping = healing

This is it in 15 days you should see TREMENDOUS results.You can speed up things by drinking lots of water,eating fruits (vitamin c = collagen).

ps:i will not reply to this thread,i have 4 years to catch up with.

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im sorry but your completely wrong ... i use to think my acne is caused by masturbation but i was wrong ... its actually the otherway around biggrin.gif/

if you masturbate often ... 2-3 times a day you will have no probs because your body adjusts itself and will not produce anymore oil , note that if you suddenly start masturbating you might have breakouts but it will eventually get better within weeks...

however if you do it once every 4-5 days you'll shock your body and it will end up produce massive amounts of oil which will cause dramatic break outs... and on top of that no masturbation = stress = acne !

i used to have probs with acne but now my skin is clear cept for damn reddish marks lol .... i blame my acne for lack of masturbation and silly acne products that do more bad then good..

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youve gotta be kidding me.. people have the most bizarre ways of clearing themselves up.. i find that masturbation increases blod flow to my face hence making me look (and feel) really good when im done, and so does sex.. and all this talk of needles and hot blades?? dont be encouraging that shit.. u only make urself nasty scars.. u r obviously very desperate, and hell if it works for u then fine but dont anybody else try this.. i think it just makes u feel satisfied popping zits and all. and u prolly masturbated so much and had a lot of acne so u figured hell its gotta be the cause .. its all psychological.. why dont ya try getting laid?

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im ab absolutely anti everythign u just said. i dont know where it came from, maybe everyone is different, but i wouldnt encourage doing this.

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Someone plz delete this, some poor desperate could actually try this guys crazy methods that'll only make things a lot worse.

Disclaimer:I cannot scientifically prove anything i say in this thread and i will not explain anything,Im just 90% confident this is the only sure way to RESULTS..IN 1 WEEK.
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hello. I completely agree with the masturbation thing. I tried this out recently - I stopped masturbating (normally i would do it once a day, every single day, sometimes twice), for 3 days. The I masturbated.. and I got 4 new zits the next morning. 2 of these were hard to get rid of.

I did this again to make sure, leaving it 3 days then masturbating, and guess what? 3 new zits the next morning. I didn't feel like repeating it again because i'm SO desperate to get rid of my spots.

So I haven't done it in over a week and the days in which I haven't done it i've got NO new zits at all.

I know my acne is hormonal so I really believe that my acne is flared up by masturbation. I'm trying to keep it down to once a week now, but it's quite a challenge to stop suddenly q-:

Seriously though, if you want to get rid of your acne zits that badly then it's worth giving it a try. I am desperate so I decided to only try the experiment 2 times because I didn't really want to cause another flare up, but I recommend trying it a few times to see how it affects you.

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okay, I think it would probably do the job for sterilising, because your only going to very slightly touch it on the spot for a small amount of time.

It does sound bad because of the way he worded that part of his post. It doesn't sound so bad if you think 'really hot spoon' instead of red hot blade or whatever it was :/

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