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AHA causes breakouts?

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Ive read from several people in this forum that using an AHA moisturizer causes them to break out. Is there any proof that this can occur and if so what in a noncomedogenic moisturizer would cause one to break out? It doesnt seem likely that it is the source of future breakouts.

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it burns a little when u put it on but thats normal.. i dont use it all over, just on the spots that really need it, and i dont notice it to be a contributiactor to my breakouts... sometimes if im really dry ill use it all over tho

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i think aha can cause breakouts, i dont really know tho, i use neutrogena healthy skin no spf, rub it lightly into my skin for a min or so and then rinse off the excess, i only do this in the mornings. i've found that by doing this my skin is moisturized well enough that i dont need to apply moisturizer alot of the time, and i use bp day and nite. When i first started using it i applied it all over my face and the result was pimples in places i usually never get acne, like the sides of face right by my sideburns, up to my the upper corners of my forehead. i only apply the bp to my cheeks now, which is where i usually get pimples. the acne in these areas completely stopped after a week of doing this till last weekend when i got what appeared to be a whitehead under the surface but some people have told me was a cyst. I tried to pop the white stuff out like i always do but almost nothing came out, i was just left with a hard larger purple bump... i never get pimples like this. it's getting alot better but i still feel like theres crap down there that shouldn't be. i'm just gonna let it go tho, and hopefully when teh lil scab type thing falls off, the plug will go with it. what am i talkign about again? o ya, so i think that aha can cause acne if you dont have flaky dry skin(like my cheeks), the exfoliation caused by the aha definetly helps in preventing pimples and creating smother more moisturized skin, but in areas that u dont need it, u may have reactions w/it. actually maybe i'll conduct another experiment where i apply aha to completey 1 half of my face and not the other and see what happens... maybe...

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