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WOOHOO! i just came back from the derm and he said hes going to put me on a 6-9 month course or Oratane.. i think that's what its called? man im so glad i was staying up all the night before of thinking how i can convince him but when i walked into his office he had all these "Study Shows Accutane Doesn't Influence Depression" and all these other Accutane things here and there so i knew it wouldn't be hard :D

getting my blood test done tomorrow and actually starting in a week and 3 days... so in two mondays.. kinda long but hey im so happy! haha that is all... just needed to share that :) oh and i would like to thank everyone who is in this community because i would have never known about it if this site didnt exist!

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hey good luck...keep me posted on how everything goes...lookin 4ward to hearin about it...i jus started 3day ago so we'll see how it goes lol take care

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Nope i have no idea yet, i asked him and he said it all depends on my weight... so im guessing hes going to do the whole 120-150mg/kg or something like that.. ahh! i feel bad... today is our skools swimming carnival and i cudnt go cuz of the derm! i want to swim!

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oh oh, u better enjoy ur swim now or else u might get a break out and cant take feel of water on ur acne, or the annoyance of suncreen on acne uuughhh. Not trying to scare u, these are possibilities so do wateva u want now (eg:drink) !!!
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