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Allen J5191

Good anti-Candida treatments other than Threelac?

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I have candida, and i think getting rid of it would

A. Help my acne

B. Get rid of the scaly patches of skin i have

C. Make me a generally healthier person

Ive already started watching my diet, but now i need a treatment. I really wanted to try threelac because i heard it was the best out there, but its just unreasonably expensive. 15 days of treatment for 50$? Come on now...

Does anyone know any other good anti-candida treatments? Ones that hae probiotics in them too of course.

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You need to have a very multifaceted regimen or you're not going to have any luck.

1) Diet - no sugars, low carb, no gluten, high fiber, etc etc etc. There's a million pages about this.

2) Candida killers - garlic, pau d'arco, coconut oil, oregano oil, etc. Must be used and MUST BE CYCLED every 1.5-2 weeks.

3) Probiotics - homemade kefir is a particularly good one, but otherwise get the highest count of bacteria you can. I don't think Threelac is necessarily the best, it seems like advertising and hype more than anything. I used Jarrow.

Among other things.

A year ago I had candida and it resulted in not only the worst body acne of my life and horrible facial acne, but I would also get extremely tired all the time an hour after eating, and had jock itch. Learning about candida and treating it was the first step I had in becoming more holistic-literate.

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R.S. has hit the bullseye. The main part is to cut out the sugars, because Candida survives on sugars.

But personally, I wouldn't be able to maintain an anti-candida diet for a month or whatever, just not possible for me.

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i have cut out the majority of sugars. Where i used to be eating over 150g of sugar a day, i now limit myself to under 40g. Im watching my diet, and ive noticed some improvements in my candida because i always had this like rash/scaly spot on my upper leg that would never goo away, and i kinda just didnt worry about it. After i started a better diet, i found that this disappeared almost immidiately.

I know that i must supplement with a candida killer/ probiotic, so does anyone have reccomendadtions other than threelac?

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R.S has nailed what you need to do.

I had good success with threelac last year. After a few days of threelac one sympton of candida disappeared, I didnt wake up feeling really groggy anymore!

The best probiotic on the market (on paper) was fivelac, but this seems to have been stopped in production by GHT.

Another anti-fungal worth trying is olive leaf extract. If you cycle the anti-fungals on a weekly basis as R.S pointed out and follow a low sugar/low simple carb/high fibre diet, whilst taking probiotics you will definitely cure your candida in a few weeks, maybe sooner.

Here are some more anti-fungals:


If budget is a problem just do without the anti-fungals and take probiotics and follow the diet. Although this will take longer.


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