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Need advise on when to use bp

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I use my bp around 11:30-12 at night and go to sleep and wake up in the mourning at 6:25am and go straight to school(after eating, dress, etc) without washing face but right when i get home i wash around 2:30

i wash and repeat. Is this a bad routine? Should i change? thx in advance..

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I dont see a problem with it. :-k Last I read, bp is effective for up to a 24hr period (dont hold me on this but I did see it posted) if this is the case then you will still be in that "zone" all through the morning and into the afternoon (and evening for that matter). My point is, if you miss the early morning bp application it is not as if your skin experiences a period of "down time" where the bp has essentially worn off. With this in mind (once again assuming bp lasts up to 24hrs) I think you will be fine with an afternoon application. Don't necessarily take what I say as gospel, because there are more knowledgable people on this board, but I think you'll be ok. Good luck!

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Hi UniqueAson, I think you should wash your face in the morning. This is cause the skin sheds itself, sth to that extend, at night. So, if you dont wash your face in the morning, and head to school, when you sweat or whatever, the dead skin celss might clog up your pores. I always notice my skin gets duller and duller if I dont wash my face immediately after I wake up. The laziness in me, but I still do wash it every morning and night. Just takes time. smile.gif

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