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Vinegar - Bad Reaction! (Formerly "Vinegar Disaster!&q

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I finally tried that vinegar treatment that is talked about here so much and within SECONDS my skin started turning BRIGHT RED and burning like I just put pure acid on my face. I have NEVER had a reaction to anything like this in my life - I have been on every strength of retin A, BP up to 20%, differen, sulfur, retin-A micro, azalex, erythromycin topical, you NAME it - NEVER had a reaction like this. OH MY GOD. I don't even know if I should go to the ER right now because my entire face is BEET RED - I got a SERIOUS chemical burn! Thank god my dad is a doctor and he just said calm down and put cortizone on it. It is the most f***ed up thing I have ever seen. People talk about this like it's a nice natural treatment so I thought I would try it but OH MY GOD vinegar does not belong on your face! Why not just use LYSOL.

For the record - I used Heinz Apple Cider vineger (5% acidity) in the glass bottle. I applied it with a cotton ball on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. I did not use generic and I did not use any other kind of vinegar. I didn't wash my face before bc it was clean... and all I had on was Aveda all sensitive moisturizer from the morning (14 hours ago). The last time I used retin-a was 3-4 days ago. I have only just started using retin a 2 weeks ago and have used it 3 times total so it hardly counts. I sometimes use neutrogena's lotion for pore reduction and l'oreal's pore reduction cleanser. These both have glycolic in them... but still - I have used similar things with much more harsh chemicals and never had a reaction like this. My entire face was burning and my eyes were burning too... it was out of control.

BEWARE vinegar - do a test spot first!! I am scared to wake up tomorrow morning - my face will probably peel off!!!!!

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Wow. That's pretty shocking. I can put undiluted Bragg's apple cider vinegar on my face and leave it on all night. It doesn't even turn me pink.

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does anyone else use the vinegar full strength? If I can tolerate it, would you recommend using it full strength for faster results? My eyes sting for about 15 seconds then i don't even notice it. I don' t think the 1:3 dilution does anything for me.

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I started using the vinegar full strength, but thought it was too strong.

Then, I started diluting it. I didn't see any results(at first I did, but then I started looking really bad). I started to break-out and get hives.

It is like anything else--it works great for some, but not all.

I have been using it to mix with my benzonite clay mask for years, and love it in that vehicle, but I've given up on it on its own.


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