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Acne became a problem for me when I started high school. My first visit to a dermatologist was not only about my acne but also some mild psorisis around my nose. When the dermatologist told me that there was something I COULD do for my acne I almost started to cry. It was mostly concentrated on my chin and in the corners of my mouth. But otherwise my whole "T" zone as they call it was infected.

After three to six months of tertacycline and azelex cream my face recovered. I had this flawless, smooth, even toned skin that a magazine model could be proud of. I continued a healthy skin regime but backed off the drugs and topical treatments.

I never had a problem with terrible, deep, obvious, scarring. Even when I picked at my pimples till they were purple and blue I was real lucky. Unfortunately my mom taught me this picking buisness cause we could be driving down the road and there would be a pimple she wanted to pick on, and she would do so. I think she made me the most self consious of them even though she had good intentions.

It wasnt till a year or two ago that my acne came back with a vengence. I suffered from pustule acne back in high school but now I had closed comedone acne. It was thick and sandy feeling... I could run my finger over it and it would feel like grit or sand paper. No amount of exfoliating or cleansing would get rid of it. I couldnt even pop them!

I went back on tertacycline but learned it best worked on pustule like acne. I saw the dermatologist and he suggested only two things. Differin cream or microdermabrasion. But I could only do one or the other... So I spent several hundred dollars on the microdermabrasion. Its results were only temporary and if anything, for the first time in my life, developed aggresive cystic acne on my cheeks. I think the micordermabrasions started this actually...

I later tried the smooth beam and its the most painful of the treatments that I tried. It holds a lot of promises but doesnt live up to them. Granted what pimples or deep pimples I developed on my cheeks were nuked but new pimples were always coming up.

Finally I tried the differin cream and its actually had the best results. That and Im still on the tertacycline. My skin is the best its looked in a long time even though I have lingering pigmented scars which will dissapear with time (hopefully) however my skin tone/texture is a bit ragged. Its hard to guess what will be permenant and what will go away in a year.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself but Im very fortunate that my scars are not deep or terribly pitted. It sucks having to spend hundreds of dollars to keep this under control but I really dont have any other choices. I have fair skin so when I do break out its painfully obvious and wether I pick or not the pimples are always terribly red.

It would be nice if there was a cure! [-o<

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Yes....it really sucks from us who have to fork out all this money to take care of our skin and improve its appearance. I mean, imagine what we could've spent the money on instead....just think of all the money spent these years..from derm visits to prescriptions to scar treatments..you name it. I am convinced now that I will have to try a lot of different stuff and be prepared to spend lots more money if I am truly to see noticeable results. This is not good...I'm in college and my textbooks alone cost over $500 a quarter. sad.gif

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