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My Scars Are Being Dumb

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I have these scars on my cheeks that look like someone gently pressed a ball point pen against my face. The hole is incredibly small and in the morning if I look at my face from the side, I cannot see a single scar. However, at night when I am getting ready for bed, they are very noticable.

Question...why do they become noticable all of a sudden.

Question...what can I do to smooth out my skin...very light scarring and I am only post accutane 4 months. So, I cannot do anything drastic due to my skill still being sensitive.

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i dunno why but thats just how it is.

in the morning, my scars are virtually unoticeable, at night they are very noticeable.. just the way it is for some reason

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How much sunlight is in your mirror? Depending exactly on how light hits your face you will see some things more noticeably. In direct light shining straight onto your face you will see nothing cause the scars dont cast shadows. However if you turn your face slightly where light is shining on one side, the scars cast shadows and you can see them better.

I've practiced this in the mirror believe it or not. Or get a flashlight and shine it at different angles upon your face. No ones face is perfectly smooth (acne or not) but I was confused about what I was seeing. I dont know if they are scars, or healing skin. By using the flashlight I could determine how deep or wide these scars are and as you said they are like a ball point pen. Im praying they will exfoilate themselves into oblivion because with enough of these things, even though I dont have crater like scars, in time I could have a serious problem if they start to build up.

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Ya the flashlight under your face its damn scary probably the worse kind of lighting possible.. no ones face will be perfect under that well atleast most people wont. so i wouldent judge that too much..

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