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Oil control.. what's the best product?

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Does anyone have really oily skin? For me it's only my nose that looks like there's a faucet under my skin, and a little on my forehead. Is there anything i can buy to apply just to my nose to make it less shiny and produce less oil? I tried c&c absorbing pads for a while, but they just seemed to make my skin produce more oil. And what about moisturizers? Should i be putting more on my nose, because i heard that putting moisture on your skin makes the skin produce less oil? idk, someone please help me out, thx

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I personally love Clinac O.C. . I don't use it anymore (just because i don't need to) but still have some tubes just in case. But it's basically a gell that you put on your face and within 5 minutes that part of your face has NO shine at all, it's amazing, and it stays that way for hours and isn't drying. i love it smile.gif

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Phillips' Milk of Magnesia (the original which is sugar free; also, make sure you get the original one and not one of the flavored ones - peppermint for example can be irritating) can be found at pretty much and drugsore. It's usually used to treat stomach problems, but it DOES work for oily skin and it's soothing too.

With a cotton pad, apply the milk of magnesia to your face, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then wash it off (at night).

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Clinac O.C. you can get from most pharmacies (it's over the counter) but i would call ahead beforehand, because the pharmacie near me stopped stocking it so i had them order it for free, no big deal... hope things work out with whatever you choose!

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