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Anybody try this cleanser, yet?


I was using the cetaphil bar and it was drying out my skin like f*ck. I was starting to hate my dry skin more than my acne. I rember using this cleanser a couple of years ago and don't remember much drying.

It also contains citric acid, vitamin e, and aloe. It can't be that bad, right?

I hope it works although I know that liquid cleansers don't work as well as bars.

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I think liquid cleansers work as well as bars - and they don't leave behind the residue most bars do. Some of the lotion-type cleansers don't. You'd have to try them to truly tell.

I remember my skin didn't feel clean enough when I used Phisoderm (at my boyfriends house) a few times. I was also worried about some of the ingredients and it didn't say it was non-comedogenic, so I never bought it for myself to try on a daily basis. It was most likely a difft formula though. I remember that thye had quite a few difft formulas available then.

The cleansers I use now are all lotion-type (I use Aveeno cleansing lotion or Beauty without Cruelty cleansing milk). I use them with (a moisturizing) toner though, since I don't trust them to clean enough on their own - the toner usually does remove some makeup traces that were left behind).

They most likely cleanse well enough by themselves for someone that doesn't need to remove makeup though.

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