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Hey guys

Well it seems like i've had these huge bumps on my shoulder and upper arm for over a year. They've never gone down and stay the same size all the time. Its really depressing because I want to be able to take my shirt off and swim and go to the beach and ect.... Does anyone have any ideas or tips to help me get rid of it? What is it first of all?? It doesn't look like regular acne but its huge and bumpy. It doesn't hurt though. I've heard the term keloids use for this?? Is there no hope but to go see a dermatologist?? Please guys any helps would be appreciated.



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Yeah dude you should go see a dermatologist or try the head and shoulders trick because those look pretty big and painful.

That is kind of how my back is except for the huge pimples and that I have more of them (smaller pimples/scars).

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wow i only get like one or two of those a month maybe.

start putting BP 10% on them every night after you take a shower, and dont pick at them.

use a back scrub

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hey justin thanx for replying.

I dont' think I have what you have though, I was talkin to my older brother earlier and he said what its called is like keloids. Its like how our body heals are some crap like that, (yea it blows). I've had it for about 2 years and its just really depressing. Im gonna go to a dermatologist next week hopefully and see if they can do anything or recomend anything about it. I'll prob buy the panoxl bar soap today just to see if it does anything either

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Hi there, My shoulders are almost exactly the same as yours. Large keloid scars basically. Please post on how you go with this as i desperatly need advice on what to do. I would mind them if they were raised and were just flat, I could get a large tatoo over the top.

Best of luck.

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dang man that sucks. im having some trouble with bacne but i found and made my own regimen. check it out, ive made really good progress so far

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If this is truly keloid scars then a derm can inject cortisone in a series of shots to help dissolve the scar tissue and flatten it out and make it more like the color or normal skin. I have not ever had this from acne, but I have had 2 keloids from having a mole removed and had to do this both times. If you keloid that bad from acne then it is a definite no no for you to pick at it at all....I would most def see a Dr and they can tell you foe sure what is going on.


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I know my response is long, I took the time to write it all out so I hope you take the time to read it all. I've been to several experts and been researching on it for a while and below are my research results.

I know exactly how you feel. From what I see from your picture, those do look like keloid scars.

They most likely have developed from deep pimples that never reached the surface of your skin. Your skin, trying to heal these pimples overproduce collagen to try to heal these scars. I know this because I have a keloid scar in a very unsightly area. I've been to many dermatologists and plastic surgeons looking for answers. However, I wasn't satisfied with the answers so I've been experimenting with different stuff. Some work better than others, but I have to say, product results vary from person to person.

What dermatologist recommend: (many are unable to tell what a keloid is so be careful) a box like surgury removal of the scar. CAUTION: if it is a keloid, it will grow bigger. all wounds next to it will make it grow bigger. So don't ever scratch at it or allow pimples to grow next to it. It will grow like a monster.

What plastic surgeons say: shots of steroids to kill the muscles under the scar to flatten it, and then bleach the skin area. CAUTION: this may essentially agitate the scar and have a reverse affect. it is not guaranteed to work at all and it can cost you a couple of grands.

Cremes and gels: there are many cremes sold online saying that they are the key to saving keloid scars and contain a special ingredient from snails. CAUTION. All reviews I've found online are posted by the manufacture. There are no actual consumer reviews of this if you look carefully at how posted them, the site itself, and the way they write.

Silicone gels: these are used for people who have had (plastic) surgury and are getting rid of the scars. They are said to be the most useful in diminishing scars. What they do is they keep the moisture in which helps heal the scar. As magical as this sounds, it takes a while to heal the scars and you must be diligent. The only downside is that this is a little costly to purchase, but they are reusable up to 2 weeks for each piece. I have been using this for a wile and have seen improvement.

Eating habits: what you eat can greatly affect your scars as well. Any bottom feeders, crustaceons (esp crabs, they feed on corpses and crap hence why the Japanese developed imitation crab) are extremely poisonous. The poison from eating them are retained in your skin. Mangos and eggplants are also extremely poisonous. They wont kill you, but the poison it contains retains in your skin. What to eat: 1) organic non flavored yogurt from grassfed cows with fresh, in season rasperries, blueberries and blackberries, with raw honey. If the berries are not in season, use frozen. The berries and yogurt help detox you and prevent pimples. 2) fresh lemonade water with edible aloe and raw honey: this clears your skin and prevents future pimples.

Sleeping habits: You need to be cycling to REM sleep by 10. Your body detoxes between the hours of 10-3. Each hour your body flushes out different parts of your body. If you don't sleep, your body detoxes through your skin, hence, pimples, bachne keloid scars.

Environment: Stay clean! Dirty environments, dirty clothing, sweaty cloths = pimples = keloids

People: if you notice people in the swimming pool with warts, DONT GO IN. The poison in the warts can actually be pasted through the water. You can develop warts and worsen your keloids.

Hope you took the time to read through all of it and hope at least some of the info if not all is useful.

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