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Ok so i started on accutane today.tooook foreveeer to get it :rolleyes: . my dosage is 40 mg's.... and from reading everyones journey's and logs im really looking foward to the final results....i no its gonna be hell tho lol but i could care less cause i no its gonna be worth t in the end :dance:

ha so yea i jus took like 10 mins ago so obviously nothing yet but hoping to notice results soooooooooon

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So theres really no changes obviously...Got the day off from school today tho :pray: ....i LOVE THE SNOW lol...yea so nothing so far..ill update everyday and keep u guys posted ;)

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Wow so woke up today to find that my face was covered in oil...i dont usually have oily skin so its a little uncomfortable...also woke up to find out i have a delay today :dance: ....ne ways hope this oil goes away soon cause it suxxxxxxxxxxx.... i woke up with a couple zits to..not to bad tho

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so yea my skin looked pretty clear last night except for one uglyyyy cyst ehhhh....but today a few zits popped up...sux huh...well i gotta go to basbeall lataaa

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ok today was real weird...my skin was super oily yet my face was really dry...dry enough for my skin to be peeling off and felt as if my face was real tight...okay so this is another short update because im super tired alrite gnite all

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DAY 6-7

Yesterday skin was overall really clear than before

However later in the day a HUGE CYST APPEARED....I have never seen a cyst like this (lol i know you like that rhyme)

I touched it and it felt like there was a marble in it...disgusting

However i woke up today and a shrunk a ton thankkk god :pray:

well goin to the hamptons so gotta get ready

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