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for people getting clear

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for me .... as long as i keep up with my regimen, being clear is getting easier. i now ALWAYS go out and i literally have a perfect amount of close firends that i can always do stuff with. i have even met a few girls in which i can talk to about stuff ... even sweating and acne. i now have a gf and yadda yadda yadda

my skin seems to heal quicker now. if i get a pimple i just keep an eye on it and its usually gone in a few days. my skin is smoother *other than a beard* and much healthier feeling.

i know some of the sufferers just starting a regimen think ud die to be me ..... i knew i would say this, and its sad, but i take it for granted. i mean ..... i never WANT to stay home anymore. maybe its just a social change starting college but i feel its more about self esteem. its easier to talk, i no longer get caught up in my voice/breathe now.

im still lucky and thanksful ive made it thru hard times. i just wanted to let you guys know biggrin.gif anyone else notice this who have been/are on the regimen? i look at my regimen as just something i have to do, minor drawback if you will. but im more positive about everything now.

congrats to me!!!!! all the money ive spent secretly w/o my parents even knowing for one bit over the last 3 years is finally starting to be worth it

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

too embarassed for before pic* i had some good hormonal cheek acne just evolving into mainly cysts when i first started 2 years ago. im so happy im clearing

sorry i dotn have a shirt on, im tryign to impress the ladies biggrin.gif/ lol j/k. i just finished regimen and i hafta take shirt off so i dont get water on ym shirt

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hehe, you seam like a cheerful bloke smile.gif

good to see someone so happy for a change

i wouldnt mind a few pimple on my face just as long as they are as huge as they are now... i would have much more confidence if they wernt so noticeable.

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Good for you, Chris! I notice too how my persoanlity and outgoing-ness has changed. It's as almost like i don't even think of my face having problems anymore, and I take it for granted. I remember when that is all I would think about. No matter what I did or where I went I'd go, I'd be thinking.."how is the lighting gong to be, how can i cover this up...etc.." Now, i never even think about those types o things. You reminded me to appreciate looks/face now. thanks! And congrats on living it up..! Don't break ay hearts hehe

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Good on ya Chris.. biggrin.gif/

Congrats; i can honestly say that I know how you're feeling. I am also starting to go out alot and feel heaps better about myself as my skin clears... It rocks biggrin.gif

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to all:

i swore i wouldnt take it for granted ..... and i dont REALLY ... but i do expect it to be good enough to go out. even if it isnt the best i still go out b/c my personality has changed so much i can not believe. mayeb its just me. but now i FIND people to do stuff with rather than ignore people rarely calling me

to blunder:

well .... somewhat. my derm basically had me on dans regimen to a T when i started off. it REALLY helped my t-zone acne. but i started getting hormonal acne on my cheeks, neck, and back, and chest *very slightly on places other than face*

every 2 months or so id go back and we would change up soemthign small in my regimen since it wasnt improving at all, more like keeping it from getting more severe, but not preventing. finally i got on this one about 1.5 years ago ...



only let water on face all during shower

pat dry

apply bioclear mask and leave it on all day

apply lotion 20mins-hr later


wash face with warm water and wash cloth gently

pat dry

apply bioglycolic oily skin gel all over face and rub in like your guys do with BP

let sit while i apply it on chest, neck, and lower back

wash off face in bathroom and shave *with chaving cream wink.gif*

leave other on b/c im too lazy to wash my body off and it works w/o it so hey ... im all for it

then i apply my mask again to my face

lotion 20mins-1hr later

my face is kinda red for about an hour after i cleanse at night. other than that im never dry or red during the day/night

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