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The proper steps to pimple removel

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I am very new to this whole new way of looking at pimples. Anyways, what are the proper steps to pimple removal. I mean, when should I pop; how should I pop it; what should I do after; what should the remnants look like after? Please help with all these Q and give other advice to help me and other begineers. Kepp in mind I am not using the Regoim yet, so I don't have any BP.

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i know this is gonna sound so cliche and ur gonna be like whatever, but PLEAASE dont pop! i mean like DONT get carried away.. all the stuff abut popping is true- the scarring, the fact it causes new ones.. ive done it before, and once i stopped my acne GREATLY went down.. i mean if u have a painfful flaming cyst with a huge oozing yellow head on it, then i think you can def pop.. but with very gentle pressure, clean hands, and in the right area.. if its a painful cyst witH noting on it, no head, asmuch as u want there to be one dont try and pop.. dont pop white heads, or small non painful little zits.. they should disintigrate.. your best bet is to try ur best to prevent them and KEEP UR HANDS AWAY FORM YOUR FACE! this made the BIGGEST diference in my skin

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supposedly dont prick. but u know u cant walk around with pussballs on ur face all day right? lol. ive found this to work fine ..... i always carry a set of really fine tipped tweezers with me. if i see a pimple i barely prick the end of it and use the tweezers to SLIGHTLY pressure out pus. when u see blood, stop.

some ppl will freak when they think of removing pus with metal objects liek tweezers. again, i take it easy and it works great for me

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I have to pop because I scar either if I pop or not. And when I dont pop it takes much longer to die down. And when I pop I usually take a shower afterwards to prevent further spreading. Im not saying these are the right things to do, but I did my trial and error many of times already and I know what works me.

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