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my derm said accutane!!

Hi. I'm 18 now, and I've had acne since I was about 11.

It was pretty rough a few years ago, but I never went to a derm. I've tried pro-activ, some other stuff, and benzamycin.

As of right now, all I have are a few active pimples on my face (not very big), a lot of activity on my back (somewhat due to working out), and a fair amount of scarring.

My derm said I should go on acctane - but it sounds to me like its more of a treatment for the scarring than anything else. However, I've read that accutane isnt optimal for removing scarring; it can help create it.

So now I'm having second thoughts.. because if the accutane wont get rid of scarring, I might aswell not start the therapy.



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Besides possibly creating a rough IB, im not sure how accutane can promote scarring. My doctor actually told me that the Vitamin A derivatives in Accutane can actually help scars, but im not sure of that either.

Scars are beside the point, however. Accutane is not intended for scars, its for acne. If you want to rid yourself of acne, and have tried other options provided by your doctor who is now recommending accutane, then take it; it is the next option in line to try.

If I were you and were offered it I would take it; just to end the phase of my life with acne. I hate acne. Acne is the devil.

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usually derms suggest accutane to patients with scars to prevent further scarring from future breakouts, it is used even in acne that is not severe. since you do get scarring, and still have acne, i would take the accutane.

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