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Post Intense BP Regime

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Decided it was time for a new topic.

After treating myself with BP for the best part of 3 months, I cleared up a lot of my major problem areas, and tackled some of the worst acne I've had in my life.

Now, after having relatively clear skin compared to what I'm used to (apart from those off days when i've been out drinking too much), I'm on a new regime to get my skin back to normality, consisting of savlon and clearasil.

Savlon is an antiseptic cream, and the clearasil has salycilic acid.

I've been doing this for about 2 weeks now, and my face feels/looks better, with redness and dryness combatted well.

The test here is to see if I can hold of major outbreaks with this, without using BP.


SO!, here we go:

Day 1: 3 spots around the chin area due to a mad weekends drinking for a friends birthday, couldnt be helped so not beating myself up about it. Cheeks are clear, but scarring is an issue. Neck is clear on one side, and a few blemishes on the other side.

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Bit of a Mess: Right now I'm ill with the flu, which usually causes me to have outbreaks, and this time is no different. Applied BP to my chin for a few hours to combat, but the redness was getting a bit intense so washed it off to save any damage. The one beside my mouth has reached is potential I think, and should be begin to calm down tommorow. Last night I had next to no sleep due to illness which certainly didnt help
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Looking a bit better: Spots are drying out a bit which is good. Haven't been drinking (my biggest acne flaw) all week, though I'm supposed to go out tommorow night.... should take it easy.

My worst thing is not cleaning my face when i come home blind drunk after a student night out...thinking of investing in some of those facial wipes.... might be a plan =]

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Hey! Just reading your regimen- quite unusual! I had that flu thing too, pretty nasty, my skin didn't take it too good. I also suffer from breakouts after drinking, which is extremley annoying! Anyways, good luck and I hope you are feeling better :)

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Failure!: Ok, due to my extreme lifestyle of going out too much, drinking, and not getting enough sleep... I've decided to go back to BP at night time at least.

I shall be returning to my old blog! check it out =]

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