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Does Anyone Know This Facial Soap Called Asepxia??

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A while ago one of my mothers friends from Mexico gave me as a gift this facial soap called Asepxia. Its a herbal astringent and has antiacnil-3 in it. Does anyone know where else I can get this soap other than mexico? So far it has worked really well and helped prevent many blackheads and whiteheads from popping up all over my face. I'm hooked on it on but I am afraid they only sell it in Mexico...

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I don't think you can get it anywhere else.

I've tried the pills, when I tried the pills I was also on proactiv, if I remember correctly(it was like 4 years ago) my acne went away, I thought it was the proactiv, but it might have been the asepxia cause I was on proactiv like 7 moths ago and it didn't work anymore. Thanks for mentioning this, Im gonna go buy this asepxia stuff, I live like 4 miles from mexico.:D

Do you understand spanish?

Here's their website


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You can get the soap, the cover up (clears up bumps overnight) and the capsules from www.pharmacia-nordica.com. by going to the "Teenager's Help" section.

Also the soap is available on e-bay. I am in Mexico and had to try the stuff when the airport security confiscated my proactive. The stuff is great. I'm bringing a bunch home.Hope it works for you.

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