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topical gel BENZA CLIN - clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide gel

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I been using this on and off, for some reason I just kept quitting. Today I looked in the mirror and I felt so ugly. I'm only 15 and I had had acne for about 3 years. Its not severe but I do have pimples and lots of blemish and scar/marks. Out of all my friends, I think I have the most acne. So today I decided to use this acne medicine again and stumbled upon this site. I was wondering had anyone ever used this before?? How helpful was it and did you like it or see improvement?? It's 5% benzoyl peroxide, which I hope isn't so bad? Any comments or advice you might want to give me???

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Hey Twee, check out the produect ratings page-you can find many reviews of benzaclin. I use it and like it a lot except for the drying part. I also use retin a .04% which helps with clogged pores. It will get better-you just have to be really consistent!

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Wheres the product ratings page?? & Thanks for the comment, I guess I will start using it again and try to be patient with it.

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It's on the front page...if you read it for like 3 mins you'll find it...it's sorta complicated.

Anyways when using Benzaclin you need to get used to it...don't quit it...use it everyday. First off get Cetaphil Moisturizing cream...you can find it at a Walgreens among other stores in a HUGE 16 tub....not Bottle...but Tub...the Cream is MUCH different than the lotion.

Start off by using a gentle cleanser...no salicylic acid.....no benzoyl peroxide. ...something that is gentle...check out Purpose Gentle Cleansing bar...

What you need to do is gentle wash you face...no wash clothes...CLEAN hands...use antibacterial hand soap....make sure you also use lukewarm water...not hot...not cold...lukewarm.

Dry your face GENTLY ....no SCRUBBING....pat it gently dry. Apply Cetaphil to your face WHERE YOU DO NOT get acne...if you get acne everywhere disregard this statement ...but otherwise apply it.....but don't put it on the places you get acne. Instead use a VERY THIN layer of Benzaclin on the ENTIRE area of were you get acne....don't just spot treat....AREA treat it....MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PUT IT ON PLACES YOU DO NOT GET ACNE....you should already have moisturizer on the places you don't get acne.

Then wait 20 minutes and apply moisturizer on you entire face again...this time putting a lot on the places you put Benzaclin.

So to sum it up....

You need a Moisturizer...preferably the one i recommend rocks for Benzaclin.

You need a gentle cleanser.

: Wash Gently with lukewarm water

: Pat dry

:Apply moisturizer were you do not have acne

: Apply Benzaclin where you DO have acne

: Wait 20 mins then put moisturizer over the places you put Benzaclin

Make sure you always moisturize...and i promise Benzaclin will work wonders for you....it really is an excellent product....the only WRONG things people do is not using enough moisturizer, or the proper one....that's why i recommend one. They also say it makes their face red....if you use enough moisturizer and don't apply too much Benzaclin you'll be fine.

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