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New to the Regimen

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I'm new to the forum and to the regimen. I started using Cetaphil, OTS BP, and Cetaphil Moisturizer last week. I have to say that I did notice a big difference last week. My face kind of like shut off the zit making factory but has been very dry. After I wash I wait, I wash my hands, I apply BP, wait, wash my hands, I moisturize, wash my hands, wait and then apply makeup. I'm dying to use my Origins 10 Minute Moisture Mask....am I allowed to? I love the way it feels when it's on, and it smells great too. I'm just not sure if that makes me break out or not but at this point it's like I'm in the desert and Origins Moisture Mask is the oasis I'm running to :wacko:

I've found with myself that my acne is brought on by stress/hormones. If I have a stressful month, then the next month my face is going to show it. I always usually have a yucky face following the holidays. I have also noticed that working out, drinking water, and eating vitamins helps my face dramatically. Especially MSM and vitamin C.

Any advice/comments for me would be appreciated.

Take Care,

Amanda :D

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Guest ilovepancakes

if your face is overly dry you could try applying alot more mosturizer at night before you go to bed. gob it on :)

your origins 10 minute mask may or may not be helpful. i dont know much about it. words to check for in mosturizers are "Non-Comedogenic" . you want to make sure its not overly greasy and could break you out. experiment to find whats best for you.

good luck amanda :dance:

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Thanks Pancakes!

I just tried something new just now. Instead of Almay makeup today I used Aromaleigh, I filled a spray bottle half full with Figi water, added three drops of lavender essential oil, sprayed it up in the air and walked under it :) It seemed to do the trick. Another night moisturizer that I love is Elizabeth Arden's Good Night Sleep Restoring Creme. It also has lavender in it and has a relaxing effect for me. I'll read up on that and make sure it's non-comedogenic first.

Take care,


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You may have started out using too much bp too soon. We usually recommend people start out with less than the full recommended amount. Like use 1/4 the amount for the first week, then 1/2 the recommended amount the second week, and so on.

And yea, like pancakes mentioned above, use plenty of moisturizer especially at night (if you don't like the added shine during the day).

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I am wary of that Origins mask. It took me a while to find the ingredients for it online, but I finally did (inside a Lush pdf about natural/"fresh" cosmetics, actually). It has apricot kernel oil, essential oils, lots of fragranced things, and flowers even that I assume have been ground up or something, as well as your standard preservatives and what have you. Essential oils are very irritating to the skin, though they make products smell nice. A number of the ingredients are comedogenic, too. What makes the mask hydrating is probably mostly the glycerin in it. I think if you just use more Cetaphil moisturizer, especially at night (you could gop it on like a mask after rubbing most of it in you want), and perhaps add in jojoba oil, you would find your skin to be much more moisturized (especially once you start adjusting to the BP) and you wouldn't need to use this mask, which I think despite any temporary relief might set your progress back.

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Amanda, I'm the same too (stress, hormones etc.) I started trying all types of products but for now I've been using Proactive for a month and the results are ok. I also started taking multi vitamins and it really does help! I don't break out on my back anymore....but my face is another story since those breakouts are hormone related. I don't really want to take birth control pills to control my hormone related acne, so I've tried other homeopathic methods...I've heard that Honeybush tea can help calm the hormones a bit and I usually try to drink a few cups everyday 7-10 days before the hormones rush in. I've noticed that it helps me break out less with a few here and there. I have to try it for a few more months to be sure though. I've also noticed that if I don't drink alot of water that day, I tend to break out more as well.

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Hi kmekaru!

Isn't it funny when you read these messages. The whole time you think you are only one but there are millions of people going through the same thing at the same time! I had too many side effects with birth control pills and they made me cranky to say the least. I also try to follow homeopathic methods and buy organic foods. My dream would be to have a zen house out in the woods where I can relax but for now an apartment where my dog barks at anything in the hallway will have to do. I've been drinking Kalahari Rooibos Tea but I don't know what it is doing for my skin if anything. I just looked in the pantry and I have some Honeybush tea that I'm making up right now (I'm a closet tea buyer, and my husband has banned me from buying more until I drink it all..hahaha!). So thanks for the reply and let me know if you find any more homeopathic remedies and I'll do the same.

Take Care!

Amanda :)

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