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Guys How do I Exfoliate Please?

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At the moment I have used any products for about 6 months, but I still get dry. When I scrape the dry bits (usually were a spot is), then lots of flakes peel off.

I've tried the towel method, were you wet the towel and rub across. But like 30 minutes later theres more cells.

Is there a product thats good to exfoliate all these dead skin cells off my skin please and maybe I will stop getting dry etc. Thanks.

P.S. Really Like this girl, if acne ruins this chance again..............

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Yeah, like Brandy said.

The ONLY thing that has totally eliminated flakes for me is an AHA moisturizer. I would get lac hydrin 5. I used Neutrogena's Healthy Face lotion with AHA and it was pretty strong stuff... made my face really red. Lac hydrin is a bit milder and gentler on the skin. It may leave your skin a tad red for a little while after application, but it keeps flakes off you for at least 12+ hours. It's great stuff!

Cetaphil and aveeno didn't do anything for my flakes, no matter how much I applied. Try Lac hydrin. Not to many places sell it... but most Walgreens do and CVS. I couldnt find it at safeway, rite aid, or fred meyers.

I'd call ur local walgreens! Or order it online if you want to wait.

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Two more things that might be worth a try (both HELP flakes for me but dont get rid of them completely)

1) add 5 drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizer

2) take a toothbrush AND VERY, VERY, VERY GENTLY brush over your face at night... maybe back and forth over every area one time. put almost NO PRESSURE ON YOUR SKIN. don't scrub too much. just lightly brush past your skin to 'loosen' some of the skin. this helps the skin beneath it build up and replace it and speeds up the skin cell recovery cycle. i use an oral B electric toothbrush to do it. i place the rotating head over my face and glide it over the surface (once again, BE VERY GENTLE-- DO NOT PUSH DOWN AT ALL). it sloughs off some of the dead skin. i recommend doing this only every other day or so. too much can be irritating and can cause breakouts. if you have an electric toothbrush, use an old toothbrush that is worn out and really soft.

ALSO-- do you shave often? what kind of shaver do you use? do you get most of your acne around your mouth/lip area? i used to use a schick quatro and shaved every 3 days or so. little did i know that i was weakening my skin by slicing over it with such a sharp razor (this is what my derm told me). i switched to an electric hair clipper about 2 months ago, and i haven't had one new zit around my mouth area. it leaves a stubble and i have to shave every day, but it doesn't shave close and cause ingrown hairs. nor does it cut my skin up and allow acne to grow. it is amazing how changing just ur shaver can be the answer to all ur probs!

right now i just have red marks to cope with... but they'll go away eventually. hopefully this sudocrem stuff works :) been usin it for 5 days now.

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