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I read the thing about the foods that can cause cystic acne but I figure I dont want to deprive myself of things I enjoy. I never heard of jellybeans causing breakouts. I mean of course there are some foods I eliminate like dairy (I eat it sometimes but not as much), french fries, and bananas.

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This is one of the few studies on the carb-acne link. While I don't completely discount the idea that a high glycemic diet may contribute to acne, I just don't think there is enough good research out there to say one way or the other. More research is definitely needed. My problem with the papau new guinea study is that it is merely correlational, and they only studied this one group. It could be this particular ethnic group is not genetically predisposed to getting acne (as we do know there is a genetic component to being acne prone). Plus, Cordain is the proponent of the paleo diet - so his interpretation of these results may not be completely unbiased (as he would want to find evidence supporting the diet recommended by him in his books). I think more research is needed - and research done by people who do not have a financial interest in the study's outcome.

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In my own observations, I have seen no link between carbs and acne. When I was a meat-eater who ate mostly refined carbs I had some acne (on and off). When I was a vegetarian who had mostly refined sugars I had some acne (on and off). When I was I a vegetarian who ate mostly whole grains, I had some acne (though I was probably healthiest). Now I am a vegetarian on a low-fiber diet (which means refined sugars), and my skin is good - but only because I am finally treating it.

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