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Guest Grow To Overthrow

Looking back at where i was at

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Guest Grow To Overthrow

I just read some passages in a little book i made up for an ex-girlfriend and myself, so we could let each other know how we felt, and connect on a level that was removed from the verbal. I believe the written word is an amazing thing. Alot of it is from when i was quite deep in my depression, and very much battling acne. They're not literary masterpieces, but they're so simplistically powerful. I actually shed a tear whilst reading a few pages i'd written whilst in the recovery stage of a PDT + ALA treatment.

The thing is though, it makes me so proud. I've come so far, and i fought so bloody hard to get here. I'm actually crying as i write this because i know how much i wanted my life to end at that point, and how strong i had to be in order to choose the path that can often be harder, and is more commonly known as life.

So i guess there wasn't really any distinct intention at the start of this post, but i hope it's a little insight into me, and perhaps some hope that no matter how low you are at times, there really can be a way out.

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Thank you for sharing your story, it is really good to hear more and more people on this site expressing hope and positivity. We can all learn a lot from finding our inner strength and pushing through hard times, which is obviously what you have done. I look back on how far I have come to. I used to be really depressed and angry all the time, and then one day I made a committment to myself to take control again and I have been so much happier ever since. I still have acne but I have grown so much as a person that it doesn't get me down anymore. Keep on your path ;)

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it pays to watch myself fall and get up many times because it later on helped me realize and appreciate, just recently actually, my ability to recover emotionally/spiritually each time even though i am still struggling with many things. this makes me feel that in the end i will be okay, or at least "can be okay".

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Guest Mankind

No matter how hard we fall we can always pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes.

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Fuck yes, man. Great to hear that you've chosen to push through all the bullshit that's been thrown in your way. :clap::clap::clap:

Like Zatoichi: "Darkness is my ally." :)

And you've used it to mold yourself better. There's no greater high than turning what hurts you into what helps you.

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