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Hi there, Just need to vent a bit really. I used to suffer from quite bad acne..I would say moderate. I only had it for maybe 3 years but it put my self esteem down to 0. After trying hundreds of products I started using BP and within half a year my skin was near to perfect...for the next while I barely had to worry about acne, although I was still careful about taking care of my skin and using BP.

BUT just as I was starting to feel really safe after hardly getting any spots for a year...BAM. About 4 months ago I noticed a few spots popping up..started using a litte extra BP but for some reason it just stopped working so well. Sooo for the last few months I've been getting awful break outs...I've even started getting cysts along my jaw line and chin...some of the cysts have been here for months now, they are quite painful. I am getting about 5 new spots every day and a new cyst every few days too. I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm doing exactly the same regimen as before but it does not seem to be having the same results..it's very depressing..every day I have to put on SO much make up to cover it and the make up seems to come off within half an hour and reveal my disgusting acne.

Has this happend to many of you? I mean, You've been clear for ages and then the acne suddenly appears again?!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I was used to having nice skin and now it's all been ruined, I tried soooooo hard to get rid of all my old red marks and now theres going to be 200 new ones, back at square one. I'm 20 years old, I thought I would have grown out of this by now. crap.

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Well, here are possiblities for your breakouts. Maybe one of them might apply to your prob.

1) Your make-up, did you just buy some new product? Some makeups are oil based, and are not good for your acne.

Search for make-up on the market that is safe for acne, Its a bit more expensive but its worth it.

2) Are you taking any new supplements (FIBER, EFA, PROTEIN, ETC..)

3) Perhaps a bad case of KARMA???

4) Are you working out now?

5) Possibilities of stress? exams?

6) Your probably used to the BP, I suggest getting a higher level of concentration, see a derm, he will help you.

A lot of BP doesn't help, all you need is a pinch ful for like 5 cm x 5cm of space. You might be irritating it.

7) Did you just buy a new BP product? PERHAPS one that is FRAGRANTED with perfume? NOT GOOD.

8) If ur using proactiv, stop right now.

9) go to derm..

10 ) be strong, and you'll be fine.

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Yes that does happen to me! I have had acne on and off for thirteen years. I had ten months without any acne and then suddenly I broke out in cystic acne. I break out every single day and my chin is a wreck. Every single pimple I have scars.

In regards to make up have you tried Bare Essentials Mineral Make Up. I just started using it a month ago and I will never buy liquid make up again. It covers my acne so well!

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I had near perfect skin until i was 19 and then my face just exploded with cystic acne (I'm now 20). I agree with the list the exaltedangel wrote out for you. Its probably a good idea to see a doctor or a derm. Since your acne is on and off it sounds like your hormones are a bit out of wack. Consider trying a bc pill like diane35, that worked for me.

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thanks guys. I think you may be right when you said my acne is hormonal. I just switched pills and stuff.

wow, my acne has never been this bad..I think the acne on my chin is bordering on being severe. I had about 7 new spots come up today and 2 new cysts plus about 30 under the skin bumps!! Even my mum took one look at my skin and said I really should get something for it so I'm going to my doctor in a few days time. It's making me feel miserable, I've had enough, I really thought this shit was over :( I remember this time about 4 years ago going to see the derm lots.....4 years on and not much has changed it seems, exept now i'm an adult and it's far worse as hardly no one I socialise with has acne at this age...They all grew out of it a while ago. :redface:

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