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water hardness and water softness

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I don't think you've gone mental.

Highly alkaline water can damage your skin's acid mantle, which helps keep bacteria out.

I don't think this thread belongs in Acne Research, though ..... moving it to General Acne.

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I think there is a connection. When we first moved into this apartment complex, the water was liquid rock - 8.6 out of the tap! :redface: The city replaced the water main at the entrance and the pH went down to a perfect neutral 7.0 and my skin did improve a bit but not completely. Although i'm not sure that chemically softened water would have the same effect as naturally soft water.

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I have often wondered this and if it is the case how would you get around it? You have to Bath and Shower, what a nightmare. I've considered it because I actually lived in another town for a few months and not once did I break out the whole time I was there, I thought maybe it was because it was a total stressless time in my life but maybe there is a link with the water, I know for a fact I live in a hardwater area and where I moved to was a softwater area. But like I said if this is the case how would you get around it? you cant bathe in Evian water :s.

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You can get reverse osmosis (R.O.) units, but they are pretty expensive.

Will check them out, thanks :) it would be a total irony for me if it was the water, thats the only thing I use to wash my face because I thought its less like to damage my sensitive skin :wall:

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