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i was perscribed this last week, and i've been using the samples my derm gave me before actually blowing my money on crappy products, but....i like it so far, and i'm getting the perscription filled.....it's not drying at all....it can only be used once a day, my derm told me to use it at night but itself no moisturizer, but i use olay under my eyes for security purposes, but yeah here's so imfo about it.......let me know if anyone has tried it.....

Ziana Facts:

Like many other acne medications, Ziana gel combines two different acne medications. But while these other acne medications, such as Benzamycin and Benzaclin, combined an antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide, Ziana combines an antibiotic (Clindamycin) with tretinoin 0.025%, the active ingredient in Retin A.

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I just got prescribed this too-- I tried to fill it at Walgreens but they are OUT. Maybe in the next few days I will get to srart it and I will report back.


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I got this filled last night and started it--I will update in a few days how the IB is. I am switching from every other day differin cream.....

this gel is PRICEY though. 250$--even with my insurance the copay was 75.00. GEEZ.


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i started using this on 2/15. I'm going to continue using bp in the morning and use this at night.

So far i haven't experienced any drying or anything.

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