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Going through hell (tazorac)

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Hey - this is my first post on these boards (just joined) and i started using tazorac .1% cream about 3 or 4 weeks ago..

I'm a freshman in college and for the past two years my face has looked pretty damn good - the occasional pimple or three like once a month (cystic) but never really hurt anything (emotionally or physically). I turned 18 this past july and noticed that I was getting a few more pimples than usual but it flattened out through my first semester of college.. During this past christmas break I started breaking out again and when I came back to school for the second semester (started jan. 13th) I decided I should try tazorac (my derm has recommended it to me before). I began using tazorac around the 3rd week of january up until now. At first I felt like it was working to dry out my existing pimples until about a week or so I started flaring up like crazy. My cysts have like tripled and it's very painful. Like I said, I'm on about my 4th week of this and I was wondering if anyone else is going through this or if this sounds familiar. I really wanna stick with it because I believe it can really help me since I never have had too bad of acne until now. All the acne is on my chin and around my upper lip so it is very painful - my face looks AWFUL right now. I apply tazorac once a day on all of the bad areas and use clearasil ultra face scrub in the shower and for dryness I sometimes apply aloe vera - I am also taking 100 mg of doxycycline twice a day, which doesn't seem to be helping at all.

Also, ever since I began breaking out bad my one lymph node has been inflammed - weird.?

This truuuuly sucks so knowing it is worth the struggle would really help..

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Hey there all of this sounds all too familiar. Although i was not put on an antibiotic tazorac has cleared me up greatly. I have been keeping a running blog of my progress. tazorac the journey.... I am also on .1% cream...Believe me it is hell around the 3rd, 4th and a little of the fifth week. See i started it over break so by the time i got back in school i was already pretty much through the rough spots. I know it is hard to be at school with the pimples but you have to stick with it! Your almost through the worst parts!!! Good Luck!!!!

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