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BP won't absorb?

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Whenever I apply my BP (which is Neutrogena Clear Pore/Cleanser Mask for now, at night), I rub it in for as long as I can, but eventually it gets too dry to rub around and I have this white crap all over my face. I don't mind because I'm going to sleep when I do it anyways. I don't have this problem during the day because I use Stridex's Day & Night 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel so my face won't be white, but it's discontinued. So now, I have to figure out how to get BP cream to completely absorb. I can't order Dan's BP Gel because my parents won't let me order things over the internet and I've tried to find other BP Gels available in drugstores and makeup stores and such, but I've had no luck. I would love to just use the regimen and keep using cream and hide myself away like a hermit, but alas, I have a job to do, places to go, people to see and other responsibilities to take care of where I would like to do them with a white-free face.

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if it's just the product I'm using?

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You're using a product now that isn't even meant to be left on the face! Of course it's not going to absorb, it's not intended to do that because you're supposed to rinse it off after a short time.

Switch to either Dan's gel or Neutrogena On-the-Spot, which are 2.5% BP products that are meant to be left on the face.

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HI shrimper,

Cool as Kim Deal is right, you need to find a bp product that is meant to be left on the skin. If you will tell us where you live we can help you find some. In the US, you can usually find Neutrogena on-the-spot at Walmart or other drugstores, and CVS has their own brand of 2.5% bp at their stores. There is also Proactiv repairing lotion if you live near a mall that has a kiosk where you can buy individual products without signing up for the whole thing.

But yea, the product you have is a cleanser/mask, it won't absorb because it is only meant to be on the skin for a little bit, which makes it not very effective, imo.

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Oh, wow, I feel really dumb now. How come I didn't think about that? Well, I'm almost out of the Clear Pore/Cleanser Mask so I guess I'll switch to On-The Spot. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I know we have a Proactiv kiosk at the mall near here, but do you know how much a single bottle of the repairing lotion would be? I'm looking for the cheapest alternative.

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