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So here is my new plan! I started it last night and it will take time but I think it will work!

Everytime you look in the mirror, don't dwell on your skin. Look at your eyes, ALWAYS the eyes, a smile helps too, and say something good about yourself that is NON physical! Like, I'm a nice person, I make people laugh, I make kids happy.....whatever!

My obsession with picking, as with many of you, has gotten ridiculous. I don't touch my face when I'm in public, but when I get up in the morning, the FIRST thing I do is like an automatic reflex where my hand shoots up to my skin, feels for any peeling/bumps, then I rush to the mirror for improvement. I'm pissed at myself for having become so superficial!

So my cure is to change from the inside. I'm doing everything I can for acne, now all I can do is change the way I look at myself.

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Forgot another thing....when you get up in the morning, don't think about how you look. Don't even think about the fact that you have a physical body.

I refuse to let my appearance govern my life, whether I think i look hot or not.

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Guest Mankind

Not looking in the mirror for few hours and not toucking facial skin at all definitely can make you feel better about yourself.

I never really picked but sing/whistle a song or something when looking in the mirror and maybe that might stop you from picking if you concentrate more on the words/tune of a song.

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hey i think thats some great advice! i dont pick or touch my skin but im very critical towards it. i dont think acne is completely in the mind but i do think a great deal of it is infulenced by the way we think. im gona try be more positive about my skin,no wait i will be more positive about my skin and that way i know it will get better :dance:

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