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Hey, I'm 16 (I'm a sophomore) and I've been trying different products. Clearsil acne spot treatment. I've been trying to use that Acnefree terminator product, it worked somewhat. But I needed something to control my acne, because I keep getting breakouts. It sucks because around december my face was clear! And I really wasn't using any acne treatments. It was really random and just clear. But through the middle of 9th grade I've started to get acne and it was really bad. Like sometimes you people take pictures and TRUST ME! They aren't that bad. Mine is way worse with big fat pimples hurtful red pimples . But yeah anyways I was just searching through shopko waiting for a movie at the theaters to start and found Acnefree and remembered it got a few good reviews at drugstore.com So I bought it for 20 bucks last night and and I'm seeing some results in my first use which was last night. It doesn't dry out my skin like I've heard with Proactive. Even though my brother is using Proactive at the moment and doesn't seem to have any problems but whenever I search for Proactive reviews I always hear about drying out the skin. I expected to get some type of peeling reaction with the bezoyl proxide but I didn't like I did with the Clearsil acne spot treatment, I hated peeling of the skin because I try using moistrizer and then next day I went to school with peeling skin! But yeah, My skin feels pretty good, I hope I don't recieve any breakouts from this. Sorry I don't have anyway to post pictures. But yeah I'll be using it religiousley morning and night. I'll keep you guys posted on results. :D

And for scars I have Nuetrogena acne mark fading peel and scar zone coming in the mail :)

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hope it works for you...i used normal acnefree for a while and it was, you know, so-so....then I got the new Acnefree Severe stuff(in december), and it was incredible at first, the first couple days I was the clearest I had been since I was a little kid, and then I got a way bad breakout and it hasn't really dont shit since.

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I'm praying that it won't be something for me that my skin gets better and it's like a calm before the storm where I break out everywhere. The kit should last me maby a month and a half, around that time. I'm just glad it's not something that dries my face.

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Dude, honestly....i'd just go to a Doctor...or Dermatologist. Yes i know most people want to have faith in over the counter products, but in reality they only work minor miracles with mild to mod acne....if you're stuck with painful acne that is close to severe, then i'd just suggest getting some RX drugs to help you out.

Something like; Benzaclin / Duac will help significantly and then types of Retinoids like; Differin, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro or Taz will improve your skins appearance and texture along with healthy skin cell's that normally clog pores and cause acne.

Then you'll probably get a antibiotic like; Doxycycline or Minocycline.

You're likely to not get Accutane on your first visit...but i'd honestly go to a Doctor or a Derm.

I myself have very mild acne and i was fooling around with OTC products for years.....they did nothing. Now i have clear skin and it's very easy to maintain. Atleast go to a Doctor though...tell you parents about it...because seriously you can have big pock marks and major scaring down the road if you don't do something about it.

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yea i agree with the above post. i've been in your boat before, blindside. i also used acnefree a couple months ago..made my skin very clear for a while then pimples came back. for years i've used many OTC products and they just dont help. for the majority of people anyway. especially since you have moderate to severe..they probably wont work as well as they would for mild acne. i have mild acne and they dont even work. you should go to the derm and get a topical retinoid or something..i'm using differin now and it seems to be working great so far.

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