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So last week I am sitting at my desk minding my own business when my roommate's friend decides to tell a story. He tells us that he was waiting for the dining hall to open when this kid randomly asked him if there was a paper due in some English class. Well my roommate's friend didn't know what that kid was talking about, and shrugged him off.

I asked him if it was the same kid that roams around the halls of my residence hall and starts talking to me randomly like he knows me. My roommate's friend says, "Does he have an acne problem like you?" I immediately froze and didn't know what to say. Now mind you my roommate's friend is overweight, and obviously insecure if he has to say something like that. I knew I was better than him anyways, plus my face hasn't been remotely close to bad in the last couple of weeks. Seriously though, the last time someone mentioned something about my face was around five to six years ago when I first got acne. His comment hit me hard, but I refused to let it get to me.


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Guest Mankind

Yeah, I never really know what to say on those rare occasions that somebody mentions something about my face. It's like a taboo subject or something.

That guy was probably just trying to make himself feel better about his weight problem by higlighting to everyone the fact you have acne.

It's good you don't let it get to you man. He will probably always be overweight but your skin will clear up sometime.

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