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For those who've used Cetaphil...

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The moisturizer or the facewash? I've used both. I like the facewash, but felt the lotion left me too shiny. I use Lac-hydrin five, which I recommend if you are open to an AHA. I also use jojoba oil with it, which is awesome; it looks shiny at first but dries matte. After applying lac-hydrin, my face is a bit pink, but it dies down pretty quickly. Sometimes in the mornings I only use jojoba oil, depending on how dry my skin is.

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well, i have used bp with cetaphil moisterizer for about 6 months now and i was quite shiny for about 4 months and now it has started to tone down...

how long have u been on this regimen with cetaphil?

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I've been on the regimen for about a month and a half and it has taken care of all my acne I just have a red face. The thing is, I only get flaky around my chin area the most, my cheek area, nose etc, don't seem to get flaky except for my forehead slightly. So, when I put the moisturizer on I get really shiny and it stays like that; it also doesn't seem to rub in that well even after I've waited 15-20 minutes before I apply it. I don't even use a lot which is why I'm confused. I should also mention that I use Nivea shaving balm in the morning because I shave so I use that instead of cetaphil to avoid mixing.

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I'm assuming you're talking about the lotion for moisturizing.

Cetaphil certainly leaves my face feeling very shiny and oily as well (I do not believe that contributes to redness however. Redness is a result of inflammation from your acne)

My only suggestion would be to use less or find a different moisturizer. While I find Cetaphil to be oily, I find it does do a fairly good job eliminating flakes so I've continued to use it.

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