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So those of you on Accutane now or who have finished, what sorts of vitamins/supplements do you take to help ease the side effects and possibly prevent any long-term effects? Please list everything that has helped you. Thanks!

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Hey there. I am an athlete for a living so this was extremely important to me and i have found this mix to keep me pretty pain free.

-Fish Oil

-Vit. E


-Green Tea Extract

-Calcium supplement (tums do the job, don't get caught up in the expensive pills)

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CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. I use it mainly for lean muscle gain but i found it to ease some of the muscle ache. As far as dosage:

-Fish Oil (3000mg 2x per day)

-Vit. E (1000mg 2x per day)

-CLA (700mg 2x per day)

-Green Tea Extract (350mg 2x per day)

-Calcium supplement (2 TUMS Ultras 2x per day)

I am a pretty big guy though, you may want to adjust your dosage. You may not need all of these. I take 50 pills per day in addition to tane for athletics. How old are you and are you average size? (i know a gentleman shouldn't ask but for this application it seems appropriate.. :))

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Wow, those seem like a lot of mg's of the fish oil and vit E, but I haven't researched how much is enough for the body and/or at which point it becomes toxic...is it possible to get too much fish oil or vitamin E?

I am 19 and I am 5'0, 110 lbs.

What do the tums/fish oil do for you?

I am mainly looking for supplements that will ease the dry skin/lips (as I have dry skin naturally and am afraid it will be awful on tane) and something that will greatly reduce the possibility of joint/muscle issues.

Thanks again for your help. :D

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no problem! i have a team doctor to help me with this stuff so i feel obligated to help all of the fine people on this board!!! In terms of the vitamin e, it does not become toxic till insane levels, i mean, taking an entire bottle in one sitting. The fish oil is also not toxic until extremely high levels. As far as fish oil's effects, it helps with muscle aches, and is good for you skin (not to mention extremely good for you in general). I take the tums because studies have found accutane can result in bone loss so added calcium is advised.

I was really freaked out about joint issues as it would affect my livelihood, but aside from minor aches, i have had no problems!

I would imagine you could reduce doses as i am over twice your size.. lol.

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Okay, so Vit E and Fish Oil are definitely something I would want, and calcium too. I'm not sure about the CLA as I have never heard of it before, so since I am not trying to gain lean muscle do you think I should leave it out? And what does the green tea extract do? I really like to drink green tea and I have tons of it around the house, but are the capsules more potent?


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CLA most likely isn't for someone who isn't worried about muscle mass. The green tea is an anti-oxidant which certainly is good for the body but i have food helps me not feel so achy.

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What would you suggest as a protein/weight gaining shake.

I just started my Accutane treatment on Thursday. I used to take True-Mass, well, i still do...

Well, it has 100% Vitamin A, which I know is bad while taking Accutane.

What's a really good and fattening and weight gaining and muscle building and yada for people on Accutane? I'm 5'9 135 lbs and i want to gain weight, but I don't want to hurt my treatment. I'd rather lose my acne than gain weight/muscle, but I would love to have the best of both worlds.

So what do you think?

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you could go with somthing like plain old 100% whey protein. I know muscle milk has only 33% and i haven't run into any problems while using that. One warning tho, it does contain creatine which WILL dry you out. Make sure to drink tons of water!

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Creatine wouldn't be an issue. Hmm, are there any knock off brands that are cheaper? Or do you now where I could get a 5lb jug of powder less than $50?

For those who like multi-vitamins for immune system support or just to keep up, Stresstabs Advanced with Zinc are awsome. It provides a lot of vitamins and at high %'s (i mean like, Thiamin is at 688% daily value with just one pill, Vitamin C at 417%, etc). The best part is there is NO VITAMIN A

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