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Got another question for you. xD

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So the other day, I asked which ones make skin better...

Now, forgive me if this has been addressed a thousand times before and I'm not seeing it (I have a tendency to not notice things until they jump up and bite me, anyway) but are there any BC that make acne worse?

Is my Ortho Evera making my skin worse, maybe? Which BCs are shown to exacerbate acne?

Thanks! ^^

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Thank you! ^^

So I took a look, and it says Ortho Evra is GOOD for my skin. Sheez. I'd hate to see my skin without birth control. o.o

It also says it'll help my depression, but pah! Whatever. xD

Same with moodiness and irritability, and weight gain. My BC is failing me. =o

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I probably shouldn't switch. I've tried Ortho Tri-Cyclen and the Nuva ring, but both really weren't the best. I kept forgetting to take my pills, and the Nuva ring was...uh, uncomfortable. x) I use my BC for BC first, acne second. =/ So I guess I gotta stick with what's working.

Thanks, though.

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What about evening primrose tablets?

Actually I know nothing about them, but I heard they balance out hormones, and you don't have to take them at the same time every day ;)

Good luck though :)

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