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hello everybody,

in this threat i show you pics of my problems with my skin.

At first I need some help because of my acne. Secondly I want to ask you what I can do to avoid these rings under my eyes. They are very dark and that makes me looking tired and old. I don't like it.

Maybe you can help me.

To make it for you guys easier making your decisions, I'll write down what products I use for my acne.

At the moment I try "acneFree". It contains BPO. Furthermore I use aloe vera gel.

What I can do against my rings I don't know. Please don't tell me I gotta sleep more. I know thats a problem... but I'm sure that there are other possibilities them.

I want to look more clear and healthy.

Thank you

There are the links:




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Your face looks pretty clear, its just the read marks that are left. Aloe vera should help with that. Also at night you might want to try vitamin E and jojoba oil on your marks. I can't see the dark circles, but if you want to help them drink lots of water, keep your skin moisturised and use a rejuvinating eye gel. Good luck.

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thanks for the fast replay =)

should i use ancefree in future? its the same as proavtic i think. mmh but my face looks so angry. on the photos you see me skin in lamplight. but outside in the daylight it looks worse :(

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Do you mean angry as in irritated, red, sore etc? BP can be quite irritating for some people and can cause allergic reactions. Honestly if you were allergic to it your whole face would be red and itchy (speaking from experience) but if you suspect that it is causing an irritation then maybe you should reduce your dose or use something else. The thing about acnefree and proactiv is that it contains no moisturiser which doesn't help red marks, dark circles etc. so make sure you moisturise - cetaphil lotion is good. Have you been to a dermatologist?

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Brands of moisturisers - try Cetaphil lotion, Dove, or Hamilton. Cetaphil is the best brand. Keep using aloe vera gel as well. I don't know about Dans products, Ive never used them but have a look in other threads for recomendations.

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The rings under your eyes don't look that bad really. They could be due to an alergy or something you're eating. To get rid of the them there's not a whole lot you can do. You can get a cream and apply it there that makes the area 'flush' so the slight redness of it might fit in more with the skin tone, or you can get lazer treatment to destroy numbers of the veins or vessels that are close to the surface, but this might be expensive of course. You could always try putting cucumber slices over your eyes to reduce the 'puffiness'.

It looks like you have more scars and red marks than acne.. maybe something like glycolic acid will help.

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