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Which Caetaphil do i use???

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There are SOO many...

I need a moisturizer, and i heard to use cetaphil...

But there is Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing cream. Both have completely different ingrediants...

SO, i purchased the lotion:


The cream looked like this:


So, wtf do i use????

I bought the lotion just cause i thought it was the one to use. i figured the cream is more of a paste type mask that doesent absorb ... am i right?

And i just tried the lotion, i kinda have an open acne sore... and when i put lotion on it burned the SHIT out of it omg... seriously.

And i rubbed it untill it was completely tacky.. and now i have a white film on my face, dow s that go away in a couple minutes? (Note, i just applied this 2 minutes before the post)

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Well, im no cetaphil lotion expert since ive never used it, but i figure the regular lotion is better to use than the cream because the cream probably wont absorb very well and feel kind of masky if its like most other moisturizing creams.Hopefully someone will come along and help you out more than me.Goodluck =]

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I use the lotion, it absorbs into your skin better and doesn't feel greasy. I think its one of the best moisurisers to use if you have acne, I refuse to use anything else.

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I really like the cream. It absorbs well, doesn't leave my face shiny, and feels super-hydrating. It's a superior choice for night-time use IMO. The lotion is nice too, and is the product recommended by the regimen, but the cream is my first choice. Either one should do the trick for your dry skin, but creams are customarily richer than lotions.

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You can use either one, but a little goes a long way. No need to slather either of these on unless it is nighttime and you are super dry.

Just for fyi, the lotion is the one Dan has on the recommended list.

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I used the cream two winters ago and it was wonderful during the cold, dry months. Very moisturizing and soothing...but it made my face incredibly shiny so I stopped using it.

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