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I have some problems with my mom...

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I didn't really know where else to post this...

My mom is a very critical person by nature, and sometimes she remarks about my acne.

I've had acne for nearly four years now. I was set up with a dermatologist around this time, and began using 6% or 9% benzoyl peroxide wash and Differin.

About a year ago, though, I had nearly had it with this combination. The benzoyl peroxide wash was in particular way too irritating, and Differin did not seem to be helping much. I switched over to Dan's regimen, and it's been working great ever since then.

I have always had mild acne. Sometimes I'm perfectly clear, but other times I get breakouts and it takes a while to recover. This happens to everyone, right?

Well, today was one of those days where my face didn't didn't look great, but it wasn't that bad, either. I was driving home, and my mom was sitting in the car with me. She made another one of those below-the-belt comments about my acne, and thought Dan's regimen wasn't working as well as the dermatologist's. I told her that I had been using Dan's regimen for nearly a year now, and all of the other products I tried weren't as effective. She refused to believe this, and attacked the regimen I was on by saying it had no scientific basis, and that 2.5% benzoyl peroxide wasn't the "standard."

This went on for a while. I told her many times she was superficial and wasn't the one using the product, so she couldn't possibly tell if it was working well or not. She now tells me that she will not order any more from the internet, and will only buy products that are over the counter or directly from a dermatologist's prescription.

Does anyone have some advice? I don't really know what else to tell her. I just know that I need more of Dan's benzoyl peroxide, and soon...

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Well, do you have your own money????

If you do, buy a pre-pay credit card... and pay for it yourself online. Those dont have an age restriction...

Other than that.. thats kinda fucked up.


there are over the counter BP's try neutrogena if its necessary... but im sure she will just ban that too >.>

Sometimes parent really dont understand... they think its just puvberty and that it will go away by itself or W/E... arrg

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Guest MaxPowers585

well if u have money u can get a credit or debit card....or some companies even accept money orders..u would have to look into it..

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I understand completely. My mom freaks out now when I say anything about getting a new product because before I found the org I bought basically almost anything for my acne. Now I know better and buy things that actually give results.

Parents truly just don't understand sometimes.

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I would provide her with evidence that this regimen works for far more people than differin does. I used differin myself for just over 3 months. What a nightmare. My skin was oily, red, and flaky. I had cystic acne all of the sudden, I'd never had that before, everything took forever to heal, and it just never really got any better.

At any rate, here are independent ratings for both differin and the regimen, they should prove to mom that this is a well established remedy for many, many people.

More ratings can be found by following the link on the homepage, here: http://www.acne.org/rate.php

Differin Ratings

http://www.askapatient.com/viewrating.asp?...p;name=DIFFERIN (3.1 out of 5 here)

http://www.rateitall.com/i-3245-differin-gel.aspx (2.95 out of 5 here)

Regimen ratings (NOT from this site, that may make a dif to your mom)

http://www.amazon.ca/Clear-Skin-Dan-Kern/dp/0399529489 (5 of 5)

http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...and/Treatments/ (4.4 of 5 here)

You have to have an account with http://www.makeupalley.com to view the review on the last link, if you don't, just sign up it's free.

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Guest MaxPowers585
I understand completely. My mom freaks out now when I say anything about getting a new product because before I found the org I bought basically almost anything for my acne. Now I know better and buy things that actually give results.

Parents truly just don't understand sometimes.

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Thanks for the replies.

She is just ignoring everything I tell her about how THIS regimen is working for me. She thinks this site has no credibility and she doesn't trust any information from here.

Now she wants me to try ProActiv. I'm VERY skeptical about this product, mainly because of its overcommercialization (plus I've heard that it's way too irritating).

She thinks that the benzoyl peroxide alone is not effective and you need something in conjunction to "unclog the pores," much like what salicylic acid claims to do. However, I've read that this should not be used alongside benzoyl peroxide, and really isn't as effective or necessary. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm down to a few choices here.

1.) Convince her that this site is legitimate and this is the best product for me to use

2.) Pay for it myself over the internet (I'm not sure how I can do this, because I don't have a credit card)

It's kind of sad that the only people who can understand acne are the ones who are suffering with it...

I just don't get her. I've been using this stuff for nearly a year now, and I have yet to see any better results. I guess since she doesn't have to deal with it like I do, though, she can only think about how bad my face looks at the moment.

Can anyone help me out here? Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

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Well it's hard to prove that the regimen you are using is the best. What you should ask her can she prove that it is worse? Can she prove that there would be any benifits by chosing another product? Also I don't know your mom so it's hard to help you... I mean if I were you I'd probably tell her to fuck off and let me choose my own products for my skin. But yet again I'm not you. If she really is such a bitch which she sounds like I'd suggest you pay for it yourself either by using her credit card(and giving her the money) or try and get one yourself.

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Well I guess all mothers can be a like this from time to time (or every day like mine) Either way just keep trying to convince her that dan's regimen has worked the best for you and that you would like to continue using it. Just try to be calm and patient with her. Do you have any pictures of yourself and how your skin was before when you were on differin? Maybe if you could remind her of the difference dan's regimen has made for you and show her the improvements it could change her mind. But I would defiently not suggest switching over to Proactiv as it is for more severe acne in my opinion and when I tried it all it did was make my skin red and flakey and blotchy.

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:( Sorry to hear this, I guess in a way I'm lucky my brother had severe acne, that way my mom knows that everything takes time, and a lot of money.

Could you maybe ask her to support the DKR for a few more months just to see if it'll clear you up? Maybe bargain with her that if it doesn't clear you up you'll try something she wants. Not much you can do since you don't have your own debit/credit card.

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thankfully my acnes not as bad as it used to be but ive been struggling with acne for about 3 years now and my mom knows all the stuff ive been through. so a couple of nights ago i was just washing my face not even worrying about acne for a change and in comes my mom who has really good skin and sais,u mustnt worry so much,look i have this red mark here..which i could barely see! this just pissed me off so much i couldnt believe my own mom could be so insensitive, and yes i know her intentions were good..

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hmm.... practical options:

-Get a prepaid credit card. You can find these at the mall, Suntrust Bank, and sometimes Walmart. You can now use them to order off the internet.

-Beg your mom to visit the derm 24/7, cycle through the regimens your derm gives your until he/she prescribes accutane. I would personally do this, accutane is great.

-Use Neutrogena On-the-spot. Basically the same, but it is overpriced.

-Yell at your mom and demand she continue to buy Dan's products

-Get scientific proof and hard evidence that Dan's products work and are better. Keep a log with pics to prove to her that it helps you.


My mom was like this too! She said that my face would be perfect if i did what the doctor told me to do (wash w/ dove and use benzaclin). Except my mom can be easily convinced or manipulated, so i got her to get a referral to a real derm. I dont get why they think they know so much, its not their face! I know my face better than anyone else no matter who they are, I have had it every second of my life.

BTW: IMO ProActiv sucks. It has nothing in it that unclogs pores. It is quite irritating. Very irritating in my personal case. Dan's regimen is basically Pro-Activ without ProActiv's faults, making it much better. Their main ingredient is the same: 2.5% BP. The +'s of ProActiv: It has pretty packaging and it smells good. Thats it.

Show your mom a ProActiv label, it will show that it in fact only has 2.5% BP. If she thinks that 2.5% isnt the standard then she would be contradicting herself by recommending ProActiv.

Good Luck!

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