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so here's my story,i was perscribed minocin back in jan 2006,stayed on it til june 2006 with mixed results then i came off it because i was going onm vacation for the summer to a beach which for me means perfect skin for 3months.came home,went back on it and had really bad breakouts so i presumed i had become someway immune so went back to the doc and he perscribed me 300mg of tetralysal.does anybody have any experience on this?my biggest probelm is the oil on my forehead,ive grown my fringe long to cover all the red marks but this is prob making it worse,but anyway back to the topic,does anybody have any experience of this drug??thanks

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I was perscribed Tetralysal and saw immediate results. It killed 95% of all my lesions and stopped any more appearing - leaving only the scarred redness to heal. This would normally take months but didn't get the chance to fully go away because my body adapted to the anti biotics and it all came back... this was about two months. However I don't know if it will work as well for you of course, seeing as how you've already done a course of anti biotics of a different type.

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I started tetralysal 300 around the end of december so i've been taking it for over a month so far, 1 408mg pill in the morning. It has calmed my acne down a lot and everything is flattening out but from past experience I expect it to take another month or two before I can asses how well it's actually working.

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