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can you outgrow food allergies?

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i was wondering, can food allergies go away on their own? i was diagnosed with a soybean and egg white allergy back in May after i developed itchy red rashes and spots along my jaw. i avoided those foods but for the past few months, i can eat them now without getting allergic reactions. does this mean i am still allergic or are the symptoms just not showing? and could this be a potential cause for my acne?

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you can outgrow them, however there are too many factors to consider when trying to determine if and when you will grow out of them. On the reverse you can also grow into them.

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I sure hope I outgrow my allergic reaction to dairy products. I never used to break out from dairy and then suddenly months ago I started breaking out whenever I ate dairy. It never missed. Dairy would make me break out every single time and it still does

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I used to get hives from eating bacon when I was a baby. Then after 4 years, it went away. Now I've developed a dairy and meat allergy... my mouth gets 20 canker sores if I eat them.

I'm starting to become suspicious that I am also allergic to wheat.

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in a nutshell, usually no...

however young children often have allergies and outgrow them.. their immune systems are underdeveloped among other reasons.. for example a lot of children are allergic to dairy, but grow out of it... I myself could not eat wheat as a child, and i still dont think it agrees with me very well, but it doesn't do now what it did to me as a child..

however if you develop an allergy more towards adulthood, as in up to the age of 20/30 its much less likely you will grow out of it and it is advisable you obstain from the product.. a friend of mine developed a peanut allergy somewhere around the age of 17.. she goes into anaphylactic shock if someone should hold a packet up to her face and offer her one, it has happened in the past... i don't think she'll be leavng it for a while and checking at some point wether she's outgrown it :lol: one can live without peanuts..

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